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 Reader Beware Twins Curse

Discussion in 'Dark Stories' started by Auditore, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Auditore

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    Aug 16, 2018
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    Ruling Helheim
    Hyrule, Mordor & Nordic Ruins
    c. 2055 BC – c. 1650 BC

    Celestia walked between the buildings towards her home, with whom she shared with her sister and their mother, their father had passed away during the winter while he was helping building up one of the structures for the royal family.

    Looking up at the night sky, she wondered what the Gods had in store for them.

    Rumors had been spreading through the land that the royal family had a set of twin brothers who were looking for wives, the thought excited and disgusted her "Who knows what kind of men they are..." she leaned up against one of the buildings, lighting tapping her hand against the rough surface she pushed herself off and continued on home.

    Her sandals making soft thuds on the dirt as she got closer to her home, small, homey, a place she always considered perfect, yet at the same time she always had the urge to explore "You're rebellious Cel" her mother always told her she had a wild bone in her body, one that couldn't be contained, always searching for something new, something different and strange.

    Celestial hand rested on the wooden door as she pushed it open, as she entered she pushed her hood down, letting her red locks fall around her shoulders. Cecelia and Celestia were twin sisters, but completely different, each having their own look, they were both considered prize treasures because of their hair and eye color "I'm home and I have dinner" she shut the door behind her and walked towards the table where their mother sat, cutting up varies vegetables and meats "What did you bring Cel?" She teacher in her bag and pulled out a leather bag filled with rice and a few loaves of bread

    Her mother looked at her "How did you acquire those?" Celestiasmiling "With my looks..." "From who?" She places her hand on her hip "Mother I didn't do that... and from the guard, he had extra and I promised him a night with me... what? I did it so we could eat instead of starve and waste what little savings father left us"

    Cecelia hummed softly on her way home. It was later than she usually would have been out, but she had been seeing to an ill family. They all needed to pull together, it wasn’t like they got much help from anyone else. Everyone had pulled together for them when their father had passed, it was only right to help out when they could too.

    She of course too had heard the rumors of the twins looking for marriages. What a life change that would be, to not want for anything, to not have to worry about what meal would be placed on the table. She shook her head a little in her day dream brushing a bit of dirt from her dress off as she walked into the house just after Cel commented back to their mother. She grinned and shook her head. “Your flirting is going to get us in trouble one day.” She said teasingly as she set down some fresh herbs. “Looks like we’ll have a good meal tonight” she said reaching over to help her mother with the vegetables.

    She scrunched her nose as she thought about when to tell the news she had gotten. It could ruin dinner, but she also didn’t want to not be prepared. “I heard there’s going to be another raid.” She said tapping her finger on the table. The guards had been coming in raiding homes in search of valuables, women, whatever they wanted really. It often left broken homes, every so often the death of someone who talked back or got in the way. “It’s been a while since they’ve been on our side and Ramla said it’s most likely they’ll come this way.”

    She watched her mother stop cutting mid cut and frowned. “I’m sure we’ll be fine, Most of our valuables are hidden any ways.” She said running a hand through her hair. She knew it wasn’t the valuables she worried about. After all they were a rare set of twins hair color and eyes alone had a lot of men looking at them. Most of the time it was pounded into their head to stay together. Cece looked up at Cel and gave a half smile. They were very different, often argued but they also had a strong bond, not only because they were sisters but because they were twins.

    She helped finish up dinner with them sat down and ate quietly. It had been a rough couple of months for them all. Father’s savings would run out eventually. They couldn’t live off of it forever. Fact of the matter was they both needed to marry off. The question was..to who?

    Celestia looked at her sister and smiled "Yes I know, which is why I'm selective with whom I flirt with, besides if I didn't we wouldn't be eating these" she picked up the loaves of bread "Besides the guard is not bad looking kind of cute enough to convince to run away with maybe who knows..." she has the dreamy look in her eyes again whenever she thought of leaving, and as always it was her mother that brought her back with a swat to the butt with a wooden spoon.

    Cel rubbed her behind "Ow.." she looked down the spoon as Cece started mentioning the raids "Now you girls need to start sticking together when you go out" Cel looked at her sister "We could always hide... I mean if it is going to happen..." she looked away knowing what would happen between the sisters, the raiders were relentless and took everything... everything "So I've been hearing the royals family two sons are looking for wives, who do you think they'll get from the upper class?"

    Cecelia laughed as she was swatted. Celestia always wanted to be free. She however didn’t mind the thought of staying. She wasn’t a huge fan of change. She knew this place and it made her feel safe-even if it wasn’t really safe. It was home. The of course were some nice guards, and then there were also very nasty ones-whom you didn’t cross. You avoided eye contact. One wrong move meant lashings or worse.

    “I don’t think hiding would make a difference they take what they want when they want.” She said shaking her head. She gave a look to her mother for the constant reminder and sat back in the chair looking at Celestia. “Someone who fits them well, who’s probably perfect in every way.” She said looking out the window at the night sky. “I’m sure every woman up there is throwing themselves at them, which is probably exactly what they want” she said rolling her eyes a little.

    “I bet they are all having their parties and eating great food, and not having a care in the world.” She said as she glanced towards where their father used to sit after dinner. The house was much quieter with out his booming voice, with out his laughter to cheer them. It hadn’t mattered how hard he worked, he always came home cheerful and ready to lift them all up. “We should make a water run” she said as she collected the dishes. “We can’t do anything with what we have now, it’s really low.” She said with a sigh.

    Celestias mind started working as soon as she mentioned getting water, standing up "Yes, we should go fetch water to fill the well.." she looked at her mother "There should be enough water to clean, if you want to go and rest mother, Cece and I will clean when we return with the water..." her mother raised her brow at Cel before lifting her hands in the air "Fine.."

    Cel grabbed her sisters hand and rushed out the door, as she pulled her out the door and towards the cart she covered her sisters mouth "We should go to the party..." her eyes widen with excitement "It would be fun and something new... who knows maybe you'll find your husband to be?" She looked around before continuing "However we need to change our hair, be less noticeable and we can blend right in" she removed her hand "So? You in? Or will I be going solo..."

    Aidan sighed leaning back in his fathers throne "Brother... I grow tired of these parties, nothing but the same faces different clothing..." he looked around the room in a bored fashion. Aidan didn't like being a royal, he did, but didn't because of the restrictions, one would think that being of high stature they would be free to do as they please. He looked at his brother "One day we should ditch our own parties, I highly doubt anyone would notice... they only come here for the drinks food and women who offer themselves or want something in exchange..." he brushed his hand over his robe, smoothing the fabric out

    Cecelia looked at Celestia as she eagerly agreed to help her get the water. Before she knew it she was being pulled out of the house and her hand was on her mouth. Cecelia’s eyes widened in worry at her plan. It was dangerous. If they were caught..itwould be the end of them. As her hand fell from her mouth she shook her head a little. “Have you completely lost it?!” she hissed at her. She sighed knowing she would be going with or with out her. If she went with her perhaps they could avoid too much trouble, if Cel went alone, who knows what trouble she’d get herself into. “Alright…we’ll peek in..that’s it.” She warned as she dug through the a container on the cart. Their hair would be a dead give away, but their eyes would be too. It was rare to have lighter eyes “We just have to keep a low profile,” she said pulling out a wig. She sighed a little as she smoothed the hair down.

    Rohan gave a look to his brother. “I’m willing to bet that someone would notice we are gone.” He said with a sigh. He too was bored with the parties. He was restless. He took his work as a prince seriously. He had to. Which left little time for play. There was only one person who could make him come out of his shell a little and that was Aidan. He didn’t let down walls easily, unless he trusted them. He didn’t like all the girls flaunting themselves in front of them. Did they have such little self respect? Surly women could make him laugh, or smile with outstripping before him.

    Rohan almost always had a serious expression on his face, unless of course he was with Aidan-who was probably the only one who could make him laugh until he cried. Even then that was rare. He was normally the one to pull back Aidan to make sure he didn’t go to far. He did have a soft spot, and only those that he truly cared about knew that. But over the past few weeks he grew tired of these parties, he needed a good laugh, a way to let go of the building responsibilities of taking the throne. He needed more balance or he was going to just turn into his father-a grumpy old man.

    Cecelia looked at Celestias feeling nervous. “Cel I don’t know if this is a good idea…” she said feeling her heart pound. “They’ll know we haven’t been around.” She squeaked nervously. The food smelled amazing though and despite having just eaten at home her stomach gave a light growl. The party was a big one, there were a ton of people around. “Ten minutes and we should leave” she warned as she watched a couple stumble drunkenly out as they laughed.

    Celestias face glowed with excitement as her sister agreed "Good! Let's go!" Celestia dig through the container and started to adjust her hair as well, as they were heading up they snatched some fancy looking robes "We will return them I promise" Celestia smile grew wider as they got closer to the steps of the palace "Ten minutes? Maybe... I mean we could lose track of time..." the look on her sisters face told her she needed to be serious "Alright Cece.. ten minutes, no more no less" she let go of her sisters hand as they passed under the arches that were decorated with colorful fabric, unable to resist Cel reached up touching it "It's soft.." a little sigh escaped past her lips as they started to move in closer.

    The tables were loaded with food "I bet that most of this goes to waste..." Cel growled a bit, looking around before picking a few pieces and popping them in her mouth "By the gods Cece... before we leave we should get more food, food that won't rot" she looked around, the place was beautiful something she only saw in her dreams.

    Aidan stood from the throne, tapping his brothers shoulder, pointing at the woman standing in the corner glaring at them "Mother is glaring again, we have to look like we are mingling otherwise she will start sending women towards us... and you know the type she sends"

    Celestia grabbed her sisters hand again "I want to explore this place more... going to come with me or do you want to stay here?"

    She could see that Celestia was excited. She’d be lying if she said that she wasn’t too. The sights, smells the sounds it was all amazing. She walked in with her touching the fabric as well turning and smiling with a nod. These people really lived it up. She popped some food in her mouth as well and rolled her eyes with pleasure. “Oh my gods above.. “ she said in a heavenly voice. “This is amazing.” She said grabbing another piece as she walked in more. Cel was right they should grab some food on their way out.

    “Okay okay” she said with a grin as the party scene getting to her. She walked into the party more with her to explore. She separated from Celestias as she took in the room, the art, the people, everything. It was amazing. She glanced around spotting her sister a bit aways from her but she smiled. It had been a long time since they had done anything sneaky. This was the first time they had ever been this daring but they had stolen food together, or picked pockets because they were low on money.

    Rohan was pulled from his thoughts as Aidan tapped him. His eyes traveled to where his mother was standing and shook his head as he stood. “Let’s not go down that path again” shuddering at the thought of the last girls that were sent over. “once around, I’ll meet you at the back maybe we can step out she’ll probably thing we’ve found a girl to talk to” he said nudging his brother with a grin as he walked off into the crowd grabbing a glass of wine as he went.

    Aidan nodded and followed his brother, grabbing a glass of wine as well and started merging into the crowd.

    Celestia motioned for her sister to come over to where she was, grabbing her hand "No one is watching let us go and check this palace out, see what it would be like to live like this" without giving her a chance to protest, Cel dragged her sister with her towards the back of the party.

    Aidan was scanning the crowd when he caught sight of the two females rushing between people towards the back, lightly tapping on Rohan's shoulder he pointed with his glass as he took a sip "Looks like we have some uninvited guests..."

    Once Cel felt they were out of view and no one saw them she let go of her sisters hand "I'll look this way and you look that way" Celestias face was beaming with excitement and the thrill of sneaking around a place they wouldn't be allowed in

    Cece saw her sister motion to her and walked over to her gasping as she was pulled towards the back. “Cel!” she hissed at her. She hesitated as her sister let go of her hand and took in a breath looking around watching Cel wander off in one direction. Her stomach sinking a little bit. She didn’t like the idea of poking around especially when the stakes were so high as this. But she had to admit that she was curious about this place, and how they lived.

    So feeling a little braver than she had a few moments ago she went in the oposit direction of her sister to look into the life of how the royals lived. The lavish limestone floors, the painting on the walls, the jade that sat out, statues, it really was a sight to see. She bit down on her lip as she peeked into a room letting her fingers run across the soft silk cloths.

    These people had so much, what did they have? Rough scratchy blankets? Mud? She sighed a little bit as she took in a breath smelling the sweet smell of incense being burned. It must be nice to be surrounded by things like this. She smiled to herself at the thought of them being put in their homes, would they even know how to cook, clean, anything for themselves.

    Rogan looked up looking to where he was pointing to. A smile tugged at his lips. “Brave of them” he said walking slowly with Aidan in that directions. “Thieves you think?” he said brushing off a girl that tried to cling to his arm. “Shall we go see if they’ll distract us for the evening?” He said feeling a little more excited. “Maybe not be us for a bit?” he said as he watched them split, you take one I’ll take the other.” He said seeing his glass down. It had been a long while since something had distracted him and this was just what he needed.

    "No thieves would be more discreet and would blend in better..." Aidan nodded at his brother of being not themselves "Unless they know? But I doubt that they would know.." Aidan's smile widen as he went off in the direction of the one in the lilac robe while Rohan went after the other one in the teal robe

    Celestia reaches one of the rooms, peeking in to see if anyone was about before she slipped in. She looked around the room it was twice the size of their home, running her hand over the soft blankets she couldn't help herself but to lie down in the bed, a soft groan came from her as she felt the softness wrap around her "I could be happy with just this..." she whispered to herself, she laid there for a few moments before rolling off and going off to explore the bath area

    Rohan watched as the other female was looking around his room, his eyes watched over her figure, something to admire, he couldn't explain why he suddenly felt drawn to someone before. He stuck to being hidden as he watched her touch his bed and move around before making himself know "Ahem.. are you lost miss?"

    Aidan leaned on the door way slightly hidden by the curtain as she laid in the bed. It was a nice thought to have her in the bed, he wasn’t going to lie. As she moved to the bathroom he followed leaning on the door frame watching her for a moment. He smiled to himself. He liked how brave it she seemed just poking around as if she owned the place. “It’s salts.” He said as she picked up a container. “For your skin” he said pushing himself off the door frame walking towards her. “And if I’m guessing correctly, you probably shouldn’t be in here.” He said with a chuckle.

    Now the question was who was she? Where did she come from? He felt a want to know all these things, which was more than most of the other girls that came to this party. Much more than the women he’s mother threw at him that was for sure. “So the question is why are you here?” He said now standing in front of her. His brow knotted a little bit. Nope she wasn’t from here he would have remembered those eyes.

    Cecelia jumped nearly out of her skin as the voice struck her ears. She turned quickly to face the voice and took a step back knocking into a vase having to steady it so it wouldn’t topple and break. “Ah-Um..” she said feeling her heart pound she was sure the color had drained from her face as well. It would figure that this was her luck. She would be the one to get caught. Her eyes scanned the room for another way out. She didn’t want to bring more attention to herself though so she bit down on her lip folding her hands in front of her to stop them from shaking.

    “So it seems.” She said in almost a whisper. If she told him she was poking around would she be in more trouble? Where was Celestias? Did he know she wasn’t alone? Hopefully Cel didn’t come bounding down the hall then they’d both be busted. Lie or truth…lie…or truth…her mind was racing. She wasn’t very good at telling lies. “I didn’t mean any harm” she said a little panicked. She was going to kill Cel. Her and her brilliant ideas..

    A small smile tugged at Rohan's lips as he watched her fumble with the vase in all honesty he could of been happy to see smashed, an ill gift from one of the women that threw themselves at him, one he could care less for. He watched her as she spoke in a low whisper like a child who had just been caught, he stepped in closer, looking her over, wanting to see what kind of person she was, he started in with questions he knew answers too "Depends how truthful you are, will determine the harm... though true you have done no harm... yet... as a royal guard I must do my duties, but that depends on you..." he reached out touching her chin lightly, lifting her eyes to his, breath taking, that's what she was, his eyes stared deep in hers "What are you doing here and not where you're suppose to be? And are you alone here?" He pulled his hand back and rested both across his chest "Remember the truth..."

    She nearly dropped the golden leafed box, shoving it back on the counter, she turned around wide eyed "I umm.." shit she thought, figuring that she was in trouble, no not trouble, deep shit she started to think of an excuse to hopefully get her out of this "I umm.. no.. no I'm not suppose to be here... or even here in this palace..." she watched him cross the room towards her, nearly towering over her as he looked down at her, she started to feel her heart in her throat "I umm.. I was just curious what it would be like is all.. and I wanted to even for a second pretend to not feel like low class and what it would be like to have a bed and not sleep on old hay and torn blankets" she looked down at what she was wearing, forgetting that what she looked like, she quickly stuck her hand out flipping her wrist to show the markings "I didn't mean anything and I swear I wasn't going to steal anything, my sister and I only wanted to know what it was like..." She closed her mouth quickly realizing that she ousted her sister, he probably didn't even know, but he did now, she looked down "Let me just find my sister and we will leave, please don't punish us"

    Aiden debated on his next move. She seemed to gush her answers at him with a bit of fear. Not that he could blame her. He took her wrist into his hand looking at the markings before letting it fall. She really wasn’t supposed to be here at all. She wasn’t even middle class, she was low-low class. “What’s your name?” he said as he towered over her “How did you find pretending?” he asked taking in her clothes. “And where did you come by these robes? “ he had so many questions. So the girl Rohan had gone after was her sister.

    “I don’t know” he said in a teasing manner, “I am a palace guard I could lose everything if I let someone out with outpunishment.” He said circling her as he assessed her. “What kind of guard would I be if I just let people come and go as they please?” He said as he rounded back in front of her again.

    As his hand lifted her chin she nearly flinched. She had had her run in with nasty guards before. She blinked a bit as she tried to tell herself to stay calm but it didn’t seem to be working. The truth. She felt sick. Would the truth make this worse or better? Should she rat her sister out? “I-I…” she what? Got tired of her life of her life and wanted to live it up? “I tagged along with my sister” she breathed out. “I didn’t want her to get into trouble alone..” she said “We were just curious.. what it was about”

    She felt light headed. She was in serious trouble here, not only that she had just given away Celestia. “ I just got a little caught up with how lavish it is here, I wasn’t thinking.” she said as a shudder ran through her. What kind of punishment was she in for here? Her anxiety was rising and her eyes darted to the door, how fast could she make it? Could she out run him? She was pretty quick.

    Rohan smiled, good he thought, truthful, he liked that in people "So you have a sister huh? That's rather sweet of you but dumb at the same time don't you think? Risking your life and potentially your freedom so your sister wouldn't be alone" He watched her eyes moving, scared, he reached out gently grabbing her arm "Well I hope you enjoyed your little adventure pretending, wondering what it's like but as my duty I must set out punish, let's go find your sister, and maybe maybe... the punishment won't be as strict but I can't guarantee the same for your sister..." he gently pulled at her arm in search for his brother, enjoying his little game of scaring her, he had no intention of punishing her or her sister.

    Celestia looked at him "Does it matter what my name is? It's not like it will be remembered..." she started inching her way towards the door "My sister and I borrowed the robes, we had every intention of returning them after we had our fun here... and up until right now, it was ok... I mean the food alone was excellent and we will probably never have something like that ever" she started to make a move but before she could he had grabbed her arm and started for the door "Please don't punish my sister" her voice rung out and echoed softly on the walls, her eyes fell on her sister who had gotten caught, turning around to face the guard she started to plead "Let her go, this was my fault, she didn't want to do this, I made her... please please don't punish my sister"

    Aiden liked her spunk, despite being in a situation she still had the balls to challenge him. He took steps with her as she inched towards the door. He grabbed her upper arm pulling her out of the bedroom with him “Well, if you’re going to make this complicated I’ll have to do something about that.” He said pulling her into the hall seeing Rohan had found the sister. When she saw the pair he looked down at her. “Oh, you’re attitude sure changed when it’s your sister on the line and not you.” He snapped tugging her a little with a smirk.

    He had no intention on hurting her-or her sister for that matter. But he did have t say it was fun hearing her snap back at him. He wondered how different that would be if she had any idea who he was. “Maybe next time you won’t play pretend.” He said quietly to her. “As for your sister..that depends on that’s out of my hands but maybe I can reduce the lashings” He said with a smirk

    Cecelia’s brow knotted a little as he said it was dumb of her and she shook her head. “Don’t you have someone you’d do anyone for?” she asked just before his hand grabbed her arm. She gasped instantly tensing in his hands. She walked with him for a moment her eyes scanning for Celestia so she could warn her to run. She felt her stomach drop when she realized Cel had also been caught.

    Not good. She racked her brain to what the punishment could be. From slave work, to lashings. She trembled at the thought of it. She had to get them out of it. She had tagged along with Celestia to make sure they didn’t get into trouble and here they both were. In some deep trouble. She took in a deep breath trying to steady her nerves before she dug her heels in suddenly and pulling her arm from his hand. She had noticed that unlike other guards his grip hasn’t been very hard on her at all. This wasn’t their first run in with guards. Nor was it their first time escaping them. Jumping back she avoided his attempt to grab her again her eyes wild with fear, and determination.

    He let her pull free, not wanting to hurt her but as he went to grab her arm again he saw the look in her eyes, her eyes even fearful they were beautiful "Listen... don't make this difficult, the more you fight back the worse it will be on you and your sister..." he stayed where he was, not wanting her to bring unwanted attention towards them otherwise they would end up being dealt with, he side glanced at his brother who had the other sister "Think of your sister..."

    Aidan walked her over to where they were standing with them, lightly shoving her next to her sister. Rohan looked at his brother "What should we do with them?"

    Celestial heart dropped, everytime she had heard that nothing good came from it, a few times she came home with a busted lip for smart mouthing the guards or bruises, she stood in front of her sister, grabbing her hand, whispering "When I say run.. run" with a quick movement Celestia grabbed both their false hair throwing it at the guards and while distracted for the spilt second she pulled her sister and ran past them "Im so sorry Cece... please don't tell mother about this please Cece I'm sorry sorry" they jumped down the white limestone wall landing in some bushes, ripping the robes

    Aidan placed her next to her sister and studied them both. They were clearly sisters they had similar eyes. As Rohan asked what they should do with them he shook his head with a smirk, but it faltered when something was thrown at him and he put his hands up to catch it. He looked down and laughed out as he realized they had been wearing wigs. He looked up as he saw them running to see their red hair and nearly doubled over laughing. He wouldn’t chase them he didn’t want to alert anyone. Besides he knew where to find them. Or at least the area to do so.

    His sides hurt from laughing as he shook his head holding up the wig. “Not only were they lower class they really disguised themselves. It had turned out to be a rather eventful evening after all, and now he had a new determination. To find that woman.

    Cecelia took off with Celestia and winced as she caught her side on a branch panting she as they got far enough away walking in front of her towards home. “One day you’re going to get us both killed.” She said with a sigh. How could she be angry though it could have been much worse. She shook her head with a smirk. “Did you happen to see their faces when you threw the wigs at them?” she said with a giggle.

    She gave Cel a look. “You think I’d tell mother, she’d lock us both up for good!” She looked down and frowned at the torn robe, looks like we wont be returning these.” She said with a sigh. “Come on lets get home we still have the dishes to do.” She said as she walked more casually towards home. Her mind was on that guard. He had been rather handsome, and under any other circumstance it would have been nice to be alone with him. “They were both really handsome..” she said glancing up at the stars. “Too bad we couldn’t snag some of that food though” she said smirking at Cel.

    Rohan raised his brow "Lower class? I'm amazed, honestly, the last time that someone from the lower class got in was from an invite" he patted his brothers shoulder, holding up the wig in his hand, looking down at it "Let us wait a couple days before, returning our little crashers their wigs" he turned around and walked past his room tossing the wig on one of the counters "Come let's finish the night at the party, sure someone is looking for us..." as they started to head back their mother appeared "Where have you two been?"

    Celestia groaned at the ripped robes "Well it's not like we haven't stolen before..." she looked at the tear "We can leave them, we don't need evidence on us" they went back to the place and quickly switched out and into their clothes, she looked at her sister smiling "If that happens least we would be together" she grabbed her sisters hand giving it a small squeeze "Besides you know I would take an arrow for you"

    They went and got the water and pulled the cart back towards their home "Yes... they were both pretty handsome.." her cheeks started to flush a bit, looking at her "If we ever do something like that again next time we just take the food..."

    Aiden gave a nod placing the other wig on the counter as well. “Very well” he said his mood in better spirits now. As they turned to walk back in he chuckled seeing his mother. Good thing they had bolted when they had. “Just getting some air.” He said nudging his brother a bit before walking past his mother and into the party. A couple days now sounded like a long time as he grabbed another glass of wine. He imagined they wouldn’t be hard to find in their district, not with that hair and those eyes.

    Cece looked at Cel and gave her a look. “We are never doing something like that again” she said with a half laugh. That had been way too close of a call. She helped her with the water and then when they got home she worked quietly with her to finish the cleaning. When that was finished she let out a tired sigh. The adrenaline finally gone from her. “I’m going to bed..I’m beat.” She said crawling into the hard bed. The blankets that she once thought soft were now like sand paper.

    What a way to live, never hungry, soft material, entertainment. She studied the ceiling of their little hut and smiled a little to herself. The guard could have been very mean, he had only been doing his job. She couldn’t blame him for that. He hadn’t sent others after them and they managed to escape. But man was he handsome.

    Smiling "Come on you're telling me if we had the chance, you wouldn't do it again?" She shook her head "Sometimes I don't understand you Cece, not taking risks, but then after the rush of tonight I see why but it just makes me want to push more" when they reached the door they kept quiet as went about the tiny place cleaning everything up.

    Celestia got in the bed next to her sister "Do you think they'll be looking for us?" She looked over at her "We probably should keep our hair covered when we go out, just in case.." She closed her eyes rolling over on her side "I wonder what their names were.." her eyes opened "They kind of looked like brothers.." she giggled softly "How funny would that be?"

    The party soon fizzled as guest started leaving or crashing on the floor, tired Rohan excused himself to his room, pulling the curtain down over his door he walked towards the wig on the counter picking it up, looking it over "For low class, the wig is beautifully made, unlike uppers" he started examining it closer, her scent reaching him, the stitching was beautiful "Few more days, and then we will know who you girls are.." he sat it down and went towards his bath, stripping down he slipped into the hot water until it reached just above his chest, closing his eyes he leaned his head back, her face coming into view

    Cece looked over at Cel with a grin. “Maybe, “ she giggled “Espcially if I knew I’d run into that guard again” she teased shoving her sister a little big playfully. The trouble they got themselves into. “Probably not a bad idea to stay covered though.” She agreed. “Would be nice to know his name though” she admitted. She snuggled into her sister for warmth letting sleep take her on its own adventures.

    As the party wound down to an end he made his way to his room. He smiled as he thought about the girl that had been in here just a few hours ago. It had really made his night. Now all they needed was a reason to get out of the palace for a little while. His bed smelt like here where she laid. She had been really intriguing. Daring, even a little sassy. He had to commend her on standing up for herself. Eventually he fell asleep his thoughts on her.

    “Cel!” Cece called “Come on.” She said bouncing around as she munched on a rather bland stale piece of bread. It had been a few days since they had their little adventure and the food was running low. It was time to make a fish run. It was much easier to hunt down food, then pay for meat here. No one really had the money too, most people starved or were worked to death.

    She pulled her hair back and tied it up with some string grinned when Cel was finally ready to go and grabbed the spear walking with her. “I bet…a week of dishes that I’ll get more than you today” she said with a laugh. Since they would be fishing they wouldn’t cover their hair the water would damage the wigs. Not that it really mattered it had been days and nothing had come of it.

    When they got to the water she tied up her dress showing her slender legs off as she waded into the water. It was cool and it felt good in the heat. Tossing a few bread crumbs into the water she waited as fish started to come before she jabbed a fish pulling it up with a triumphant smile. “One.” She teased with a laugh as she put it into the basket.

    Asking around for them shouldn't be hard. He looked around at the people who made way from him. He could see now why they had been curious. The place was a dump. How did such beautiful women come out of a place like this? “Shouldn’t be too hard to spot them. Unless they are covered again” he said letting his eyes scan the people.

    Celestia watched her sister bounce around, smiling, as she pulled her hair back matching her sisters "A week of dishes huh? Is this another way of getting back for the few nights before?" She smiled walking past her sister giving her a small hip bump grabbing her spear and fishing basket "Deal, but if we are even, and we get another chance to do something then we have to do it"

    Rohan looked at Aidan "Do you think they'd still be covering up? Or even here? They might of ran away.." he looked over the people before stopping one of them passing by "We are looking for two females, bright eyes, red hair.." the elder man's eyes widen as she pointed towards the river "It's fishing day for them" Rohan raised his brow as a smile formed on his face "Thank You Sir" the brothers passed the man and headed towards the river "Well at least they're still here"

    Celestia waded in the water behind Cece, she reached forward pinching her butt "Crocodile!" She walked past her giggling as she anchored the basket down from floating completely away "Ready.." smiling she stood steady raising her spear and watching the fish swim in front of her, she threw the spear, pulling it up "Two"

    Cece squealed swatting her hand away with a laugh. She frowned a bit as she got two at once and rolled her eyes. “Show off!” she said splashing her with a laugh. What some considered a chore Cece enjoyed it. Then again she really liked the water in general. The sun was high, the water felt nice and as they went on with their fishing she got a laugh with Cel.

    “Hey!” she said bending down splashing her with a big handful of water. “That was mine!” she said bending down to pick up the spear that she had thrown and missed the fish. “Cheater cheater! “ she laughed out as she splashed.

    Aiden frowned a bit at the thought of her not being here. Perhaps they waited too long. When Rohan stopped a man a smile swept across his face looking towards the river. “thanks” he said as he made his way with Rohan to the river. It didn’t take long for them to spot the two. He smiled watching them and leaned closer to his brother. “They really are a lovely sight.” He said almost greedily. “How do you want to approach them?” He said smiling as they splashed.

    This meeting could go a few different ways. They didn’t want to draw attention of guards, that would put everyone in a difficult spot. But he also didn’t want to spook them too much and have them running off. Besides as fun as it was to see her scared he had to admit seeing them at ease was really nice too.

    "You can't cheat at this Cece, just admit I'm the better hunter!" She leaned down and scooped some water into her hand and tossing it at her "Besides we are still even at the moment, let's go for size for our next fish and head to the shore and start descaling them" Celestia felt eyes on her, turning around she scanned the shore, the reeds slowly swaying in the breeze, she turned back around and raised her spear again ready to strike

    Rohan grabbed his brother and pulled him down to hide themselves "We don't need them running or drawing attention..." he rubbed his chin as he watched the one that caught his eye, her striking form was perfect "There like goddesses..." his eyes drifted over her legs and visions of what he would like them to be doing to him came to his mind, quickly shaking his head free of the thoughts "Wait until they're on shore and we catch them from behind"

    “You are not the better hunger” she said defensively as she took her stance letting the spear go giving a little giggle as she pulled up a rather large fish bouncing a little with excitement. When Cel. Caught hers she held hers up to size and laughed. “Fine a tie.” She said knocking the fish into the basket before untying it and grabbing one side while Cel grabbed the other walking towards the shore. “They weigh a ton” she said as she walked out onto the shore. “Think we can get fresh bread for dinner tonight?”

    She set the basket down shaking out her hand as she stretched. She slipped her sandals back on and grinned looking up at Cel. “You know I bet we could snag a lemon to go with the fish.” She said as she bent down to adjust her shoe she was having trouble with.

    Aiden hid with Rohan watching the pair fish his eyes on the one he had caught the few nights before. She was stunning. “Yeah they are..” he admitted watching her movements she caught her next fish. He didn’t want to wait much longer. He wanted more interaction. When they moved to start walking stood. “Come on. “ he said his eyes not leaving Cel. “Now or never." And never was not an option for him.

    She pulled her basket towards the shore with her sister "Maybe, I bet the baker wouldn't mind if we trade him some fish for it as for the lemon..." she shrugged "The vendor keeps upping his prices soo unless you want to be sticky fingers for it then just let me know and we can do some distracting" she wiggles her fingers in front of her face. She sat down on the rock and pulled her sandals on "Did you bring your blade to descale?" She pullers gets from the basket and grabbed a fish, slamming it on the rock "We descale the big ones the other small one we trade for" distracted with the fish she didn't hear the two brothers coming up behind them "I wonder what those two guards are doing now?" Celestia giggled a bit

    Rohan smiled as they stopped behind them "Looking for two females who crashed a party a few nights ago and ran away..."

    Celestia sat straight up, holding the knife in her hand tightly

    "Don't think about it, we... actually came here to return your hair you threw at us... and possibly know you two a little better"

    “Of course I did” she said as she reached into a small bag pulling hers out as she reached for the fish. She was just about to pull the fish out when he spoke and her eyes shot up her own hand going tighter around her blade as well. Not something that usually happened She gave a glance towards Celestia before looking back up at the pair of guards. A piece of her hair fell into her face as she debated what her next move should be. Were they telling the truth about it or was it just to make them not run?

    Aiden smiled as he saw her sit up and the hand tighten. “Though out of curiosity..” he said as he sat down next to her. “If we were try and take you in would you have used it?” He said gesturing to her knife. “You know the penalty of assault on a guard is death right?” He said eyeing her. He could see they were still uneasy so he pulled out a wig. “Truly, here’s your wig back.” He said his eyes locking onto Cel’s. Though in all honesty he really did prefer her natural look rather than how he had first seen her. “Didn’t think you’d come back for it so thought it might be worth the trip”

    Cecelia swallowed the knot that was building in her throat. Having a run in with guards wasn’t pleasant. Not normally any ways. And if their mother could see this what would she say. And what would they want to know more about? Surely there were other women that were…more suited for their time. “Kind of a trip out of your way don’t you think? “ she said trying to figure out if she was excited or scared.

    "I don't know, death seems better than what a lot of guards do in their spare time to... females" she looked over at her sister moving closer to protect her just as she was protecting her "I would fight if I have to, I'm tired of the guards coming here thinking they can do whatever... and leaving us broken" she held her knife tightly even when he held the wig out towards them "Do you expect us to believe you just came all the way out here to return a wig and know us better?" She looked at Cece unable to believe what she was hearing.

    As she turned a few visible scars could be seen on her back and some on her sides and arms, Rohan took noticed and nodded for Aidan to look but motioned with his eyes not to say anything.

    "I know it seems unorthodox but we promise, we have no reason to haul you both back, you didn't do anything besides trespass, which you two didn't do anything besides touch the royal brothers stuff... so come on ladies... please lower the knives or at the very least let us help you with those baskets"

    Once again Cece was showing she’d do anything to protect her sister. They both would. A shudder ran through her body as she thought about what they had been through. How many wounds had they tended for each other both outside and in? She agreed with Cel as she turned giving her a look as well to as she was not buying it.

    Aiden looked over the quick look he could get at the scars and felt his anger grow. Who had put these marks on her beautiful body. It angered him that they were so uneasy with the guards. The guards had only been put in place to make sure no crime was happening, to make sure things ran smoothly. Yet here they both were uneasy to even put knives down.

    “Look,” he said setting the wig down. “I don’t know how guards run it down here but how we run things up at the palace is obviously different. But considering we didn’t chase after you, or alert other guards the other night has to count towards something right?

    Cece clenched her jaw a little. He did have a point. The other night could have been much worse. And the guard that had caught her even his grip on her arm wasn’t tight. It could have gone so much worse, she was after all in a bedroom. Not many other guards would have waited for another chance. Biting down on her lip she sighed and turned her attention down to the fish at hand to finish descaling. “Well, I still think it’s a wasted trip” she said “Seems an awful long way to our parts when it’s much prettier there.”

    Rohan looked at his brother with a "is she being serious?!" look on his face, what he saw before him was a woman with such rare beauty that any man would kill for, even if it was for a touch, he felt that way, he wanted to know her, feel her. Feelings he had not had in a while if ever if he was being honest, yes his bed had been occupied with many women but none matched the goddess that stood before him, none, if it wasn't her hair alone it was her eyes, eyes he could find himself, no wanting himself to look into for hours, her eyes were jewels that sparkled even in fear.

    Celestia stood closer to her sister "How do we know that? You could of not alerted more for more personal reasons, maybe you thought that you'd have to share if you alerted more, we don't know what you were thinking..." Celestia looked down, she couldn't help herself, the two had been through so much with guards raiding their home and having their way with them, only because there was no one to protect them really and they threatened their mother that the two sisters gave up everything to keep their mother safe.

    Of course there were the nice ones that stayed out of the raids but only ended up being dismissed or taken somewhere else, she looked at the two men "Just leave us... please... if you're really here on good intentions then you'll leave us be..."

    Rohan sighed a bit "Ladies, please at the very least let us help you carry those baskets they look heavy and it would be against our better judgement to just leave you two when we can offer a hand" they were trying but it was clear to Rohan that these sisters had a big distaste toward the guards, something he wanted to look into with Aidan and find out what was going on.

    He extended his hand as a sign of good faith, Celestia looked at her sister "Well? Should we have them help us descale the fish with us?”

    Aiden didn’t like the way that they talked or moved closer. It was obvious they had a fear of guards. He admired how they moved to protect one another. He looked at his brother before back at them and chuckled. “What do you have to lose, less work?” he said with a smile.

    Cece looked up at Cel. She gave a small nod. “They obviously aren’t going to leave, the faster we finish the fish the faster we can go about our way.” She said looking back down at her fish. She rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand to avoid getting fish on her face then looked at them. “Not that I understand why, doesn’t a place like that have people to descale fish even for the help? “ she said glancing up at Rohan. “Descale, we can manage to get the fish home and then you two can go back to your…lavish life style.” She said.

    Aiden smiled grabbing a fish himself pulling out his knife and descaling. “I can live with that for now.” He said with a nod. It was a starting point. At least they could talk while they descaled. “Do you two always fish?” he asked as ran his knife up.

    She should have known they’d want to talk and work. She looked over at Aiden as he spoke before beyond him. She was checking her surroundings. Normally when Cel and her worked they faced each other so they could see behind the others back and alert the other if there was something coming towards them. Descaling was quick for her, they had to do this quickly most of the time the longer they sat the more likely for trouble they were.

    Celestia looked up as she ran her blade against the scales of the fish "We fish when we need to eat and don't feel like going out and hunting for game" she kept is short not wanting to give them their normal schedule when they were by themselves. She looked over at her sister, descaling the fish and tossing them into the basket they were going to take home.

    Rohan kneeled down with his brother and helped descale, with the four of them the job was done rather quickly, standing he wiped his blade on his pant leg and sheathed it back, looking at Aiden, they offered their hands to help them up, each picking up the baskets without giving the sisters a chance to protest "Lead on ladies"

    Cel looked at her sister, sighing before nodding "This way" they turned and started back towards the little market place to trade some fish for bread

    He was glad that Rohan was on the same page as him. He didn’t want to let them go so quickly either. He followed after them giving Rohan a look. Wasn’t often they had to do much of anything at the palace, it was a little nice to actually do some work besides that view was mighty nice. He thought to himself as he looked Cel up and down.

    Cecelia wasn’t sure how she felt about them tagging along, it probably wouldn’t help them trade much, if they saw guards coming most people left stand so they didn’t have to deal with anything. She gave a look to her sister. This was bound to get some talking out. They were walking with guards people would get the wrong idea. She stopped at the baker and traded some fish for some bread and looked over at Rohan. She had to admit she was kind of glad though that he had come all this way. Her dreams didn’t do him justice at all.

    “So, what else do you girls do? You fish, hung, crash royal parties, apparently take on guards” he said with a chuckle as he leaned closer to Celestia. “What else do you do in your free time?”

    "We don't enjoy taking on guards..." her voice was low and stained with venom, she stopped with her sister at the bakers, wrapping the bread up she tucked it into her bag. She turned around only to have him closer to her, her eyes looking him over "When we aren't doing all those, we are home, taking care of our mother, making sure she lives comfortably until the Gods decide they want her to join our father... sometimes it's things we don't want to do but have to in order for us to survive" she turned around and started walking towards another stall to trade fish for

    Rohan looked at Cecelia, unable to find the right words, it almost felt whatever he brothers said they combated with them "Aidan and I are brothers.." he tried to break the tension and slowly work on gaining their trust, he wanted to know more about her, everything he wanted to know everything that there was to know about this goddess "I'm Rohan... can we get the names of the two wild and strong creatures that grace us?"

    Aiden was going to crack her. He was determined. “I see..” he said as he followed her towards the other stall with the fish. “Your mother must be grateful to have such beautiful daughters that help out.” He glanced back at Rohan and then back at Cel. “Fish, bread, how about some vegetables or fruit?”

    Cecelia looked over at Rohan as she walked. “We kind of figured.” She said “You have similar features.” She said looking away from him. In all honesty if they wanted to hurt them they probably would have done so, most people looked the other way when a guard attacked, and there were plenty of dark spaces between things that they could have been shoved down. Rohan. She looked over at him debating on giving her name. “Cecelia...but most people call me Cece” she said quietly. It would be better than some of the other things guards had called her.

    Aiden looked over at Cel. What he wanted to do was feel her skin, how soft it was. Pull her close and feel her against him, to know what she really smelled like. But he also didn’t want to spook her. “I’m Aiden. Can I at least know yours so I know what to call you?” he asked.

    "Only if they can trade with us, fruits and vegetables are a rarity for us and something we only get on special occasions or when they're cheap" she walked to another stall to look over what to trade

    Cecelia. He closed his eyes the face had a name, beautiful just like her, he opened his eyes looking at her "Then I will call you Cecelia until you given me the right to call you Cece" he hoisted the basket back up on his shoulder and walked behind her, admiring her figure "What are your plans for this evening Ladies? Maybe we can escort you around..."

    Cel looked at Aidan as he questioned her for her name "What did I tell you that night? Why does it matter? You won't remember it anyways..." her eyes looked him over, she wanted to know what their game was, were they waiting for them to relax and let their guard down and then pounce at the chance, catch them off guard. The longer she looked at him she started to see that, they were different, like something was a little off on their behavior, they didn't act like normal guards, finally after a few stalls later she turned around looking at him "Celestia or Cel..."

    Aiden frowned. He had never really thought about how much food would cost. Of course he never had to think about the cost it had always just been there. When she refused to give him her name again. He sighed but didn’t push the issue. His thoughts instead traveled back what on earth had happened to make so closed off. He almost missed the name when she finally gave it to him. A smile swept to his face and he nodded as he made note of the name. “Beautiful.” Though it wasn’t clear if he was saying the name was or she was.

    Cecelia looked at him and rolled her eyes a little bit with a slight smile. Was he serious? She had been flirted with before but not to this level. She gave Cel a look as he asked to walk them around. “I don’t know…” she said. People might not want to trade with them more if they thought they were in with guards. And what would their mother say if she found out?

    “Come on.” He said with a grin he could see them both thinking about this way too much. “You’re over thinking it.” He said leaning closer to her. “Don’t you think if we were going to do something we would have done so already?” It probably wasn’t something that put her at ease, but why would they be waiting to take them down?

    Cece leaned over to grab a spice she wanted looking over at Rohan. “What would the punishment have been?” She asked as she smelt the spice. “If we hadn’t ran? What would have been the punishment?” she asked as she set the spice back down.

    He sighed looking at her, he wasn't sure what punishment would await them if they were in fact caught by actual guards, he shuddered at the thought remembering the marks on the sisters. He would get to the bottom of this behavior of the guards, his brother and him were soon to take up the throne, not realizing the mess their father has been leaving it in. Rohan looked at Aidan when he heard Celestia mention the price of food, something the two never had to worry about, it made sense to him why they would crash the party "We would of let you go honestly, it's not like you two did anything besides sneak in, you would of most likely been punished over the robes if the person you took them from wanted to press, then that would of been losing a hand, you know the penalty of theft is I am sure ladies"

    Celestia looked at her sister before answering Aidan "I don't know that, for all I know you both could be waiting for a perfect moment? Maybe you're not out in the open like most guards would be, it's hard to tell... one bad apple ruins the bunch" she reached for her sisters hand grabbing it and started walking home, they weren't going to be able to trade much with them around and it was best if they just turned in early before it got worse.

    Cece didn’t say much to his answer. Any other guard probably would have had their way with them and she wasn’t sure how she felt about the answer. She gave Rohan one more look as if to engrave it into her memory demanding that her dreams did him right this time as she turned and walked with her. “They really are good looking” she whispered as she shifted the bag on her arm.

    Aiden sighed as he closed the space between him and his brother watching them walk away. “What say you to doing some digging on these guards, I don’t like the fact at how jumpy they were or how marked they were.” He said patting his shoulder a little as he turned and walked the other way. They would give them some space. Now that they knew the area a little better, he was sure it wouldn’t be hard to meet again.

    Cecelia looked at Celestia as they walked. “You know they could be telling the truth.” She said softly. “It would be a step up to get in their favor..” she added. They obviously lived better lives then they did. She frowned a little of course they could have just ruined that chance.

    She looked at her "If they're truthful then I honestly doubt this is the only time they'll be around here" she turned and watched as they walked away before turning around picking up the basket and heading home "Remember what handsome did to us the one time?" She looked at Cece "It's best to be cautious than end up like before... and if they're really good then they'll be back" Celand Cece headed back home and went about their daily schedule until night fell

    Rohan looked at his brother as they walked away "What if the kingdom we are inheriting is stained with poison? Sounds like certain guards are corrupted but that's not new, but I feel that Father knows but let's them go unpunished" he sighed looking around at how they lived "We need to make change Aidan, and I wouldn't mind having Cece as a wife to help, they seem like the type of women that could bring change with us"

    A shudder ran through her as she remembered. “I know..” she said with a sigh. And she was right, if they were serious they’d be back. Hopefully. There was nothing left to do now but to go home and day dream.

    Aiden looked over at Rohan “Seems like some changes are need to be made.” He said as he walked back to the palace. He didn’t like the thought of how much corruption was going on. How bad was it? Celestia’s words ran in his head. Some guards just took what they wanted. How many times had she been the victim of that?

    Later that evening sat at the dinner table with his family and he looked at the food that was laid before them. How much of this would just be tossed out? How much had it costed? What was Celestia eating? His appetite faded a bit as he watched his father shovel in the food. And what about wine? Did they ever get it? Now he wished he would have brought food with him today for them. Maybe they should do that when they visit again. Perhaps it would be a nice gesture to make them trust them more.

    Rohan leaned back in his chair, poking the food with his fork, he lifted it up looking at closely, his thoughts on Cecelia, going back to that night he caught her in his room, the way she looked at everything he had the way she touched items she probably never had the chance to even glance at, his stomach turned thinking about what she might be eating or not.

    "What's wrong with you two?" Their mothers voice broke through his thoughts "Nothing just an awful day, we couldn't get anything on the hunt" she looked between them before shrugging it off "Maybe you can go again tomorrow or the next day, where were hunting at?" "By the river..." he looked up at his brother, Rohan stabbed the meat before him "Excuse me, the hunt has ruined my appetite" he shoved himself from the table standing up and walking out "Must of been a bad hunt, I haven't seen him like that before..." his father said as he sipped from his cup looking over the rim at Aidan "I heard that two women caught the attention of a certain two brothers the other night... your mother saw them running out of the palace and saw you two..."

    Aiden’s eyes followed Rohan as he left. He as in the same place he was. His attention was drawn back to his father who was now questioning him. He sighed a little as he took a drink of his own drink. “More like chased them away” he grumbled more to himself. He looked at his father debating on asking about the questions he had now but didn’t think it would go well at the dinner table. “It’s been a long day with no gratification.” He answered to his mother. “Perhaps we should try again it would probably lift his mood.” He said standing himself. “I’m turning in.” he said before walking away.

    He poked his head into Rohan’s room and gave him a look. “I’m sure they’re fine.” He was trying to convince himself as well. “They probably don’t know what they are missing.” The words made him feel even worse. He had noted some of the things in their town, other things that ate at him now coming to his mind. Blankets with out holes. Was she warm enough? What of their roof? Most of the rooves there looked like they were ready to cave in. Did theirs leak? “We should maybe look into setting better living conditions for that area. Maybe it’ll be a task father wouldn’t mind giving to us.” He said shaking his head. Would a night visit be too soon? He already missed her sass.

    He laid on his bed, tucking his hands behind his head closing his eyes for a moment, images of her face flashing before him, he wondered what she looked like smiling, the thought brought a smile to his face, he bet she could light up a room when she walked in smiling, as he started thinking about her more he started to feel aroused, it quickly subsided when he heard Aidan's voice, sitting up he looked at him "They saw what we have brother... and I see what we have and then what they have, and now I just see unnecessary items filling our home and food that goes to waste..." he put his head in his hands and ran his fingers through his dark hair "You know how he is... he will become suspicious of why we would suddenly want to help in the lower area... you know he's trying to push them out... didn't think he was doing that, didn't want to believe but after seeing that..." he looked at him "Think they would be scared if we show up at night? I mean they already think we just want them for..." he looked down "No until they're comfortable with us no night visits, least... not known night visits"

    He gave a small nod. If they went down there and were seen it could ruin the little trust they had built up. It wasn’t worth it. “I say we start making notes for ourselves, eventually it’ll be turned over to us and we will want to be ready to make changes.” He said with a sigh and went to his own room and realized he had a bath waiting. It made him suddenly sad as he thought about it. They wouldn’t get such things. He glanced over at the salts she had touched and smiled a little as she undressed and slipped into the water. How would her skin feel after soaking?

    He had never really wanted to spoil someone as he did with her. He wanted her to know this kind of life, wanted her to have everything she wanted. The clothes she had on today were worn, and though she still looked stunning, what he would do if he could wrap her in the finest silks. How soon was to soon to see them again? He rested his head back on the tub and closed his eyes.

    After his bath Rohan walked to his bed looking down, visioning what she would look like, he wanted her, and not just for bedroom play. The way she was spear fishing her form, the way the sun made her skin glow, she seemed like she would be a good hunting partner for him. He wanted to know more about her, her dreams, her ideas, anything she wanted to tell him he wanted to know. He draped his towel over the chair and slid under the covers, suddenly they felt too luxurious for him, sighing he covered his eyes with his arm, thinking what he wanted to bring to her or what she would accept if anything. Soon he started to drift off to sleep, thoughts of her plaguing his mind.

    Celestia rolled over as she felt the sun peeking into the small hole in the roof, groaning "We have house work to do Cece... the roof needs patching and the fence needs to be fixed after the bulls ran into from the Reed clan..." she looked over at her "Think they'll be around today? I'm scared that mother will see and start asking questions..."

    Cecelia gave a deep sigh as she looked up at the roof. It was such a big job. “We should probably change the hay in the beds too they are probably starting to mold.” She said as she pushed herself out of the bed. Looking around their home she sighed. It wasn’t much but it was home. She gave a small shrug. “I don’t know, I assume they can’t keep getting off of duty, besides..” she said as she pulled a dress over her head. “Why would they keep coming back?” She said rolling her eyes, “It’s not like we have much to offer them comfort wise” she said. “I think mother said she was going out any ways. She had some more baskets she made that she was going to sell.”

    She pulled her hair back yawning. “Come on let’s get to it it’s going to be a long day.” She said not really wanting to do it all. “I’ll get the straw for the bedding, if you want to start pulling the bedding “ she said as she slipped on her shoes and walked out of the house to get materials.

    She came back shortly helping Cel finish up inside before together they climbed to the roof frowning at the state. “Cel…I don’t know if we have enough to fix it all.” She said shaking her “I suppose we should just fix the bigger ones first and see what we have left.

    Aiden tapped his finger on the table. “Rohan.” He called causing his mother to look up from what she was doing. “Let’s go on a hunt.” He said. He wanted to really make note of things today. He stood from the table grabbing a bag as he packed some food. He wanted to see her again. He knew Rohan wanted to see Cecelia, he had been irritable all morning.

    He walked with him through the town it didn’t take long to spot them on the roof. He stopped to watch her work in the sun. How did she make even doing something laborious beautiful. “Up for some work?” he asked Rohan with a grin. Maybe it would help them trust them more.

    Celestia started pulling the hay from the beds and tossing it in a pile to be spread across their small garden, the two quickly stuffed and fixed their beds before climbing up on the roof "Well this only means we are going to have to go into the forest and cut some more palm fronds... and store them..." she looked over her shoulder, poking her sister "Told you" she pointed at the two brothers that came over the hill and towards their home.

    Rohan looked up "Morning Ladies.." he looked at Cecelia smiling "Would you two like some help?"

    Celestia looked at her, hiding her smile from them before turning to look at them "Are you two stalking us?" Sighing she figured if they were willing to help that she would be foolish to turn it away, with them they could get things done quicker and possible chance of her and Cece being able to sneak off to their swimming hole for a relaxing evening

    "No, not stalking just simply taking an interest in two beautiful goddesses that we just want to know more about"

    She rolled her eyes a bit "I think you might have gotten hit in the head a few times or been out in the sun too long.." sighing "Fine.. fine.. we would appreciate your help.."

    Cece made a face at the thought of more work that they would have to do. She looked up when Celestia motioned to the boys and she couldn’t help but to smile. “Gotta give them points for trying” she said. She looked down at Rohan as he asked if they needed help and smirked a little at his comment. “Maybe dropped?” She added to Cel’s comments as she laid the palm down.

    She watched as Rohan climbed up watching his muscles move. She had to admit he was sexy. A small blush touched her cheeks before she focused back on her work. “Don’t you have your own work to be doing?” she asked looking at Rohan.

    Aiden pulled himself up to the roof after setting his bag down and started to help them with the roof looking at the state of it. It could probably just use a whole new one. “How often are you guys fixing this?” he asked the concern in his voice clear. It was just as he feared. Holes in the roof, was she getting enough food? Was she warm enough at night?

    The thought of her being too cold, or having to move somewhere because rain was getting in made his stomach turn. He was glad that she had accepted the help today with out a fight, at least now he could make sure it was done right so it would be one less worry off of his chest.

    Rohan looked at Aidan shaking his head at their remarks, nearly bursting out in laughter, these two, where had they been most of their lives, if he known Cecelia sooner he would of made her his wife as soon as possible. He pulled himself up and the look of the roof made him cringe a bit.

    Celestia looked at Aidan as he got next to her "We fix it.. what.." looking at Cece "Probably every two weeks, our father use to do it but he passed last winter after helping build the structure for the royal sons" she pointed at the obelisk "I wonder if they know what goes on... or if they care" she shook her head "After seeing where they live I doubt that... they'd just see this place like the pharaoh does..." she threw off a frond from the roof "Sorry I shouldn't speak about that..." looking at Aidan "What's it like staying there everyday?"

    Cecelia looked at Celestia with a small shrug and not. “About.” She answered tossing somethings to the ground. She frowned at the mention of their father. Celestia went on about the princes and she fell quiet for a moment. “It seems a bit extravagant.” She said as she covered another hole. “It is their right I guess, but seems kind of silly that just because of where your born you either get…that” she said gesturing towards the palace "or this. “ she said standing gracefully. She shrugged a little. “Who knows, It can’t be easy to run a country though I don’t envy that.” She said with a half smile. “Someone is always bound to be mad at you for something.” She said brushing her hands off as she looked at Rohan for his answer about how they lived. “It must be nice though, I mean I know to move up and be able to even clean there is what most people aim for. “

    Aiden looked at Rohan. Is that how they really saw them? What did go on? “How exactly did your father die?” he asked sitting back for a moment. “It’s not bad. “ he said as he thought about the guard chambers. “decent beds, obviously well fed, can’t have someone weak guarding the place, long hours though” he noted as he thought about the guards that he always saw. He should probably at least ask their names. “What about you? If you could do anything what would it be? Have anything what would you want?”

    Rohan looked at Cecelia "What ever you want to tell us... we want to know about you two"

    Celestia looked at Cece smiling before looking away to hide her smile "Shouldn't of said that, I don't know them and I'm pretty sure well at least hoping they're not like their father, maybe when they marry and take the throne change will come..." she looked at Aidan "Hopefully" she sighed looking down "That's a private matter and my sister and I don't wish to discuss that..." she threw another frond off before looking up "We should go and cut some more and gather more supplies for the roof"

    The two brothers helped them down from the roof, Rohan had Cecelia by the waist as he lifted her down, their faces inches away "Shall we?" He smiled at her, not wanting to take his eyes off of her

    As Rohan helped her down his hands went around her waist and she felt her breath catch as she looked up at him. Her eyes locked onto his and she felt the butterflies in her stomach start. Shall we. She wanted to say she’d do whatever he wanted but she gave a small nod. Celestia was a little more reserved. Where as Cecelia fell more easily. Of course her sister always kept her in check and reminded her what happened the last time she let herself fall.

    Aiden sighed a bit as he helped her down, though it was clear she really didn’t need it. “Maybe I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when they take the throne.” He said with a nod. He knew he’d change her life for the better at least. He followed after her walking beside her in the woods. “You have to want something..” he said falling into step with her.

    He looked over at her watching the way she moved. She really was a beautiful creature before him. "I'm not trying to pry.." he said looking away from her. "But I do want to get to know you, and I get that you don't trust guards and I'm sure you have every reason not to, but if you hate them all you'll miss the good ones that are interested."

    It was cooler under the cover of the trees. Cecelia walked a bit behind Celestia watching Aiden try to get through and a small smile smirk played on her lips. She was a tough one to get to open. Not that she blamed her sister. They had both been through so much. And Celestia was very protective of herself and ones she loved. They weren’t far from the swimming hole they loved so much and it was hot, and they had done a lot of work to the roof already, really all that was left was a few small holes that hadn’t started leaking yet, and the fence. She gave a small tut as her sandal came loose and bent to fix it. "Stop" shes aid not looking at Rohan but she could feel his eyes on her. "Staring." she said glancing up at him. "It makes me nervous." she admitted as she finished with her sandal standing up to face him.

    "Sorry" he spoke soft "I can't help myself not to not look at you, but as you wish I will do my best not to stare"

    Celestia looked at her sister "Should we worry about the roof tomorrow and just go on to the swimming hole?" She looked at Aidan "You may.. join us, which I'm sure you would be anyways..." looking at her sister "And if you want..." she closed her eyes "You can have dinner with us.."

    Rohan without second guessing "Deal, however, we get to treat you for dinner.."

    Cecelia looked over at Celestia and nodded a bit before back at Rohan. Treat them to dinner? She smirked a little, it would be better then what they had to offer that was for sure. “Alright. Deal.” She said as she walked towards the swimming hole.

    Aiden grinned over at Rohan who had been quick in his feet. At least now they’d know for tonight they’d have a fully stomach. Which was another thing off his worry list for the evening. He followed after the girls smiling when they came across a small pond with a little waterfall.

    Cecelia was already taking her shoes off. She loved the water. She smiled as she pushed the sleeves f her dress down letting it fall around her feet her slender body now uncovered, it showed her scars from hand whips she had encountered, as well as what looked like a burn of a symbol. That had happened during the last raid. The guard that had come had pressed a burning hot ring into her hip marking what was ‘his’. Cece dove into the cool water coming up so she floated gently in the water letting her eyes close.

    Aiden couldn’t help but to watch as Celestia disrobed. He took in a breath trying to steady his heart from pounding. She was divine. What he wouldn’t give to have that next to him always. A movement caught his eye though and he moved towards her quickly pulling a dagger out before grabbing her arm a little roughly pulling her back towards him. He winced knowing he probably spooked her more. “wait a second.” He growled trying to avoid limbs that were coming towards him. He threw his dagger as the snake stood to strike watching it as it sank into the snake.

    Aiden turned Celestia to look at him. “I am not going to hurt you Celestia.” He said letting go of her arm almost as roughly as he grabbed it. “I’m trying to help you.” He said shaking his head.

    The noise had caused Cece to look up but when he let go of her arm she relaxed a little looking at Cel with a little bit of worry, it could have been much worse.

    Rohan tried to not watch but couldn't help himself, thoughts of her next to him like that started flashing before him, shaking his head to clear the thoughts and keep unwanted arousals to appear, he had seen that marking before, a guard has that as his insignia, making a mental note he started to disrobe as well, he figured since they've been working a nice dip in the water would be good for them. He waded into the water, his blade still on his side, he drew it when he heard Aidan move behind him, watching the snake drop from the tree he placed his blade back, looking over at Cecelia "What do we have to do to prove to you that we don't wish to, want to or ever intend on hurting you?" He moved towards her gently touching her arms "I will do whatever it takes to show you that I don't want to hurt you... I want you to believe me, if I have to wait a lifetime for you to trust me I will, and I will spend every moment proving to you that you can trust me" his hands slid from her arms and he backed up a bit to give her space

    Celestia looked at the dead snake as she was pressed up against Aidan, she quickly stepped back "Thanks" she didn't know what else to say or do besides stand there and think about what could of happened if they didn't come with them

    Cecelia looked at him as he came towards her. As he put his hands on her arms she tensed slightly, but not nearly as much as she had before. She gave him a small smile. “It’s nothing against you, “ she said rubbing her arm a little as he backed away. “Just-precautions.” She said splashing him a little. “It’s cute when you pout though” she said with a small giggle.

    Aiden watched as the snake fall and looked at her when she pulled away. “Welcome.” He said as he disrobed himself and gestured towards the water for her. “Ladies first” he said a little softer. The snake could have been the end of her. He followed into the water after her. “Can we put the mistrust behind us? Please?”

    Celestia sighed a bit "You have to understand why we just can't throw caution to the wind... we want to but each time we had we ended up paying a price for it" she covered her recent wound with her hand, marked, it's what they ended up being, the same guards who they had fallen for and thought they were different from the others the very same two guards that led the raids always came to their house, and their recent visit they left their marks on them.

    The swim was silent as each was left to their own thoughts, Rohan looked at Aidan and they both instantly knew what they're were going to do, protect them the best they could, even if that meant them staying near by their home and watching over them until they could get them to trust and if things worked maybe even be their wives.

    The walk back was just as silent as both sisters walked in front of them, collecting things along the way to use for the roof tomorrow.

    The rest of the swim was pretty quiet each one in their own little world. Aiden watched as the girls swam. He knew that he would do everything he could to protect her. He sighed a little bit as he redressed and followed behind them. The more he thought about the guards the angrier her got. Women should be treated like goddess, they brought life into this world and people were abusing them? He knew that Rohan’s thoughts were along the same line, he watched Cecelia like a hawk. His eyes never left her for very long.

    Cecelia thought about everything that they had said and done. She blamed herself for the guards she had fallen for. She had insisted that they were okay to Celestia, and it turned out they weren’t. Cecelia wanted to see the good in them. But, they had turned out not to be good at all. Cecelia would never forget how he had turned, how she begged him to stop, how it felt to be marked and shoved to the floor like an animal as he laughed saying she was owned. Once her arms were full she and Celmade their way back to the house.

    Once at the house helped Cel put the things away looking up at the sky. Looked like rain. “You know..” she said turning to Rohan. “It looks like rain you guys shouldn’t be caught in the rain for us just for dinner, we can always do it another day.” Besides it made them have to come back for dinner. “If it rains you’ll be trudging through mud and be covered by the time you guys get back, I imagine the royal family doesn’t want mud all over.” She said scrunching her nose.

    They stood in their little lean-to attached to the house, that once held their horses, Rohan let out a sigh "Is this your way of asking us to go home?" He stepped towards her resting a hand against the house "Because rain and mud never bothered us before and considering that we are almost brothers to the royal family, they wouldn't mind a little mud and if they do they'd make us stay outside" he smiled at her, not wanting to leave, but if she said to leave he would respect her wish "We would feel better knowing you two ate"

    Celestia nodded "Very well, you're both stubborn as a bull, and I have to admire that a bit..." turning around they started towards their house, a note was left on the door, she grabbed it reading and handing it to her sister, their mother went to see her sister and wouldn't be home for a few weeks, if anything seemed to happen that they were to come immediately

    Rohan picked up his bag that had the food in it and followed them inside. He couldn't believe what he saw, although it was small it looked very roomy that was until he saw their beds, looking at Aidan "No wonder she went to the bed" he thought, he stepped over into their kitchen and started to set things out on the table

    Cecelia looked up at him as he put his hand on the wall. “No..” she said quietly. “I was just didn’t want you in trouble” she admitted. She followed Celestia back to the house and was now grateful they had started on the inside. Everything was neat and in it’s place, they had swept it out when they had remade the beds to clear all the loose straw away. Them walking into the house made it feel a little smaller.

    It wasn’t often they had guards in their house, and the last time they did..well it didn’t end well. She watched as Rohan pulled out food from his bag leaning slightly on him to see what he’d pull out next as curiosity got the best of her.

    Aiden walked in carrying his own bag pulling out a container with some wine and some fruit. “I like the fact that I know you’ll eat a good meal tonight.” He said with a smile. Full stomach that’s all he could ask for right now. He was glad that they weren’t telling them to leave. “Cups?” he asked looking over at Celestia.

    The sisters didn't have a meal like the one they had with the two guards, it was actually nice and nothing went to waste, Cel and Cece made sure of that. The rain started to pick up when the two guards where leaving before they left they each kissed their hands "We shall be seeing you two later" Aidan's smile made Cel fell a little weak and by her sisters facial expression on Rohan she felt the same.

    For two weeks they came every other day, always finding something to help them with around their home, a letter came from their mother stating that she wouldn't be returning anytime soon as her sister fell ill and would be staying there to take care of her, writing back that they would be joining her by the end of the harvest, which was next month.

    By the end of the second week, they had a new roof, the fence was fixed and their garden was in full bloom, their home looked as if their father had never left.

    Rohan started to get dressed when he heard his mother down the hall, quickly throwing the guards sash to the side she walked in in time to see it, she raised her brow "All these hunting trips..and still nothing when you return..." a soft smile crossed her face "Is this some different kind of hunt my boys are going on?"

    Rohan told his mother what the two had been up to, understanding she nodded "When will I get to meet the two women that have stolen my two sons hearts?"

    "Soon... though they don't know we are royal, they think we are guards..."

    After his mother left he went towards Aidan's room "Brother, we are having a small party tonight, mother wants to meet them, she promised to pretend we are guards, everyone there will be acting as if we are..."

    Cecelia ate until she could eat no more she sat back with a sigh. It was a good meal. And she was grateful and when they left she blushed as he kissed her hand. It was nice. As they promised they came back every other day. And every time they came Cecelia felt her walls dropping more and more.

    Aiden looked up as Rohan came to his room and smirked at him. “So mother found out” he said with a grin. “I guess we should go get the girls then” he said with a nod. He liked the thought of bringing them here this time instead of going to them. As much as he liked spending time with them in their homey little home but now he could spoil Celestia the way she should be spoiled.

    Cecelia was working outside with some clay for some pottery when she saw Rohan walking him. Her eyes lit up a bit and she smiled up at him stopping the spinning wiping her hands clean. “I wasn’t expecting you guys today.” She said it was obvious her excitement to see him. She had resolved in not seeing him until at least tomorrow. “Celestia is inside” she said to Aiden.

    Aiden gave a nod to Cece before he walked past her and into the house smiling as he saw her. “Hey, “ he said walking towards her. “What would you say to being my guest to a party at the palace? They are having a party and we can bring guests, I’d really like if you came as mine.” He said handing her a box. She needed something to blend in a little bit, besides it was nice to be able to give her a dress his first real gift to her.

    Like Aidan, Rohan had a small box for Cecelia. He saw the sparkle in her eyes when he approached her, his smile widen, by the gods was she beautiful, her smile made her glow. He at that moment wanted to pull her into his arms and plant kisses on those soft inviting lips of hers "There will be a party tonight at the palace, it's for the guards..." he extended the box towards her "I want you to accompany me"

    Celestia looked at the box then looked up at Aidan, this is how it started, they would be nice and sweet, the guard would be let down, presents would be presented to them and always in exchange for some favor. She lightly pushed the box back towards him "I don't think I should... I mean..." she felt her marking burning as she thought of the possibility of him being there, she felt his hand touch hers softly, looking up at him shaking her head "I don't think it would be wise.."

    “Celestia…” he said looking down at her. “How long do I have to keep coming back before you trust that I want nothing but your well being?” he said with sigh. “I’d like you to come enjoy yourself this time, be able to enjoy the surroundings the food..” he said pushing the box back towards her. “It’s yours, at least consider coming.” He said softly. “I understand that you’ve been hurt, and when I find out by who I swear to you I’ll put him down.” He said almost a bit darkly. He had been going through ring patterns now for two weeks, they were all blurring together at this point. “Let me treat you tonight please?”

    Cecelia looked at him as he spoke looking at the box as he extended it to her. Her eyes went to him and then to the box. She knew what Cel would say. They shouldn’t get to close, she had heard it over the past two weeks. Cece knew Cel didn’t want to be hurt again, and neither did she for that matter. But with Rohan she didn’t feel that way, his touches had always been soft, he had always been respectful keeping his distance. Hesitantly she took the box from him and bit down on her lower lip. She set it down on the small little table she had brushing her hands off a little more before she opened it.

    It was breath taking. She closed the box quickly and looked up at him with a small laugh. Did he know what was in this box? Even the robes they had stolen the night they had been caught weren’t as fancy as this. She shook her head with a grin before she opened the box again to look at it again. “Really?” She breathed out. “It’s stunning Rohan.” She said swallowing looking up at him. “I don’t know that I can pull something like this off. “ she said as she looked at the dress. “Are you sure you want me there? I mean...I don’t know that they’d really approve you bringing someone like me there..” she said as she closed the box a little her eyes locking onto his. “I think when they say bring who you’d like it’s..kind of assumed that that you’d bring someone of more…stature. “

    Rohan lifted her face up with his finger looking into her eyes "I wouldn't ask if I didn't mean it" his hand cupped her neck pulling her closer to him "and I don't care what others will think, I only care what you think, I want you to accompany me, please?" He wanted to kiss her so bad, many nights he thought of her, and many nights he had to take care of himself. Wanting her it was hard for him not to just take her now but he promised her and himself that he would wait until she was ready for him and let her come to him.

    Celestia looked at Aidan, she could see the hurt in his eyes "I can't..." she turned around and rushed out of the house, passing her sister and Rohan.

    Rohan looked at the house seeing Aidan stand at the door, he looked at Cece, running the back of his hand against her cheek "I'll see you at the arches tonight"

    “Celestia!” he called as she left him. He sighed looking up at the roof for a moment before making his way up to the door watching as she moved past his brother and Cecelia. He walked over to Rohan when Cece had left and sighed deeply. “Looks like you’re making more progress than I am.” He said frustrated as he left the house with him. “Think they’ll show?” He asked as he walked towards the palace with him.

    Cecelia looked at up at him as he lifted her chin to look at him. She gave him a soft smile as he tugged more at her heart. How could she not agree to that. She was so tempted to close the little space that was left between them. But then Celestia ran out and she looked away towards her sister. Her brow knotted a bit before she looked back at him. “I should go see she’s okay.” She said with a half smile slightly leaning into his hand as he touched her cheek. “Okay. At the arches.” She said agreeing before she slipped from his hands to follow after Celestia.

    “Cel!” Cece called after her grabbing her arm stopping her. “What happened?” she asked a little worriedly. She sighed a bit and shook her head. “Cel, I really like him I think we should go..” she said seeing the look she was being given. “Cel, if they turn on us it can’t be any worse than what we’ve already face, but if they don’t…and they are being honest…Imagine what a life we could have, imagine having someone that adores you have you seen the way he looks at you Celestia?” She sighed shaking her head. “You made me go ones uninvited. You owe me this one night.” She said her eyes begging her. “I'm going. You can either mope at home or join me.”

    Cel slid to a stop turning around, holding her wrist up at her "This! This is what is keeping me" she grabbed her sistersclothes expose the marking on her "Did you forget?! The smell of flesh burning, the sound of screaming only to be muffled out with a hand across the face?" She stepped back looking down "The nights afterwards... I can't Cece... I just can't, I don't want to go through that again..." looking at her "And what if they're there? Did you think about that?"

    Rohan grabbed Aidan off to the side and went around and followed the sisters into the forest, listening to them as they crouched down

    Cel wrapped her arms around herself "It's not that I don't like him, I just don't want to take the chance of it being a repeat and we just end up being a couple guards sex slaves, coming whenever they say so, marking us as their territory..." she covered her face with her eyes keeping herself from crying as she tries to push the memories out

    Cece’s brow knotted as she pulled at her clothes shoving her hands down to cover it. “No. Cel, I haven’t forgotten” she said pulling her into a hug. “But I have to think that there is a chance for something better.” She said closing her eyes. “I’m just as scared as you are, but the other guards didn’t look at us like they do, and they weren’t as gentle as Aiden and Rohan have been with us. They’ve not made any move to even hug us. Aiden saved your life and you still treat him like mud on your shoe.” She said pulling her back to look at her.

    “One more night. If you still think it’s a bad idea we’ll go to mother” she said gripping her arm. “Just tonight, lets try to see what it would be like if they are good. And if you still think that they are after us just for sex then I’ll-I’ll walk away with you” she said, though it pained her to say. She didn’t want to. She felt drawn to Rohan. “Let’s just live it up once more before we go, eat good food, and forget for one night, do you think you can do that? For me?”

    Aiden sighed a little as he watched them. He really wanted to know how these guards were, He would see to it that they were put to death. The thought of any one hurting Celestia like that made him sick, what was more she was terrified to even get close to him. And by the sounds of it if she conceded to her sisters wishes they would have one night to prove that they really meant them no harm.

    Rohan tapped Aidan's shoulder and motioned for him to follow "Obviously you're thinking what I am... I hate saying this.. but if we can't find these two on our own we may have to have them point them out to us.." he honestly didn't want it to come to that, the only time he wanted them to see those guards that did those things to them was to watch them swing.

    Rohan and Aidan stood by the arches waiting for them and greeting guest for the little party, their mother walked towards them smiling "Have they showed up?" Rohan shook his head "Not yet and remember..." smiling she shook her head "Yes yesdears I know" she turned around and headed back inside

    Cel looked at the dress as it hung up, her sister behind her pulling at her hair and fixing it up "Ow Cece.." she felt a slap on her shoulder as her sister twisted her hair up into curls

    Aiden was pacing. He hated the unknown. What if they decided not to come at all, what if they had decided to go to their Aunt’s house early? What if they did and they never came back? The what if’s were eating him alive. When their mother asked if they were here he stopped pacing and leaned on a pillar with a sigh. “Maybe we should go see.” He said the worry in his voice.

    “Hold still Cel!” She said as she pinned her hair back. She said as she tried to get her hair to sit just right. “I’m so glad you decided to go tonight.” She said as a smile swept across her face. She stepped back to look at the finished project and grinned. “Perfect” she said as she moved to get into her dress. The material was so soft it was like what she imagined the clouds would feel like. “Oh Cel..” she said shivering as the material rested on her. “This is heavenly. “ she said as she slipped on the shoes that went with it. She dug through her things finding an arm cuff. It was older, kind of old and scuffed but it worked. She put the cuff on her arm and looked at Cel. “Come on.” She said with a smile practically pulling her out of the house.

    They were there under the arches just like he said they’d be. Her heart swelled. She glanced at Cel and smiled. “Come on, if they were in it just for sex you think they’d really spend so much money on these dresses?” She said biting her lip a little letting go of her sisters hand to go up towards Rohan. Cece clearly was more of a free spirit, tried to see the best in every situation. When she was looking up at Rohan she smiled softly. “Hi.” She said taking him in. Holy Gods he was handsome.

    Aiden looked up when he saw them and relief swept through him. She had come. He moved swiftly down walking past Cecelia who was going towards Rohan. He smiled as he looked at Celestia. “You look…stunning” he said in almost a whisper as he took her in. “I’m so relieved to see that you came.” He said trying to judge her mood by her face.

    Rohan was about to agree to get them when he nudged Aidan and pointed in their direction and started walking towards them, he watched as Aidan quickened his pace towards Celestia just as he was towards Cece, his hand reached out cupping her face, gently pulling her closer to him "I have no words of how beautiful you look..." his eyes took her in "Truly a goddess.." his hand drifted from her cheek to her neck before pulling his hand away, he wanted to feel her lips, wanted to know what they felt like on his and other places, he closed his eyes pushing the thoughts back when he remembered what was said earlier, smiling he reached down grabbing her hand and hooked it around his arm "Come on"

    Celestia looked at Aidan "She practically dragged and poked me to death to come here" she looked down at her dark purple gown and matching shoes "I like the dress..." she looked up at him a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips "You look nice..."

    As they closed the space between them she smiled up him. A small shiver ran through her as his hand brushed her neck. A blush touched her cheeks as he told her how beautiful she looked and she bit down on her lip. “You look nice too” she said as he hooked her and around his arm and walked with him. “Are you sure about this?” She suddenly felt out of place just walking in.

    Aiden smiled. “Thank you.” He said taking her in. “I’m glad that I went with the purple.” He said moving a piece of hair behind her ear. “I’m also glad she forced you to come. I would have been rather lonely if you hadn’t.” he said honestly. “Come, let’s get some food and drink into you.” He said as he offered his arm to her.

    He was glad that he could show her this world. She deserved it all and so much more. He wanted her to have it all. And tonight he was going to make sure she had it. He was going to do everything in his power to make sure he didn’t lose her.

    Rohan pulled her off to the side, looking at her as his hands rested on her arms "Stop... I want you to stop thinking you're not good enough... stop second guessing yourself" his eyes looking over her again "I want you... and I think you're too good for me... it amazes me that someone hasn't taken you as their wife.." his hand touched her face softly, a soft cough was heard behind him, an elder woman stood behind him smiling "Who is this enchanting woman? Is this the one you have been talking about?" The lady walked up to them, looking at her, her son was right, she was very pretty "Sorry, forgive me I didn't introduce myself, I'm Aidan and Rohans mother, these two have been going on about you and your sister" looking over she saw the other one with Aidan, noticing her sister wasn't as excited as her sister

    She hooked her hand around his arm "I wouldn't mind a drink" she looked at him, his eyes were soft "Can I ask why you are... taking interest in me out of all the other females, more suitable to be.. someone like you"

    Aiden looked at her as he took her arm walking into the palace. “Why.” He repeated her question and fell quiet for a moment as he thought about the best way to answer her. “Because there is no one else that I wish to see.” He said quietly looking at her. “Celestia, No other woman compares to you.” He said stopping looking at her. “No one will ever measure up to you.” He said softly looking at her. He touched her cheek. “All I want is you” he said with a smile before he let his hand down and walked on grabbing a drink and handing it to her.

    Cecelia looked up as he pulled her off to the side. Another blush touched her cheeks as he spoke. She couldn’t help but to lean into his hand. Oh she could kiss him now. She really thought about closing the space between them again but this time a cough caught her off guard and she looked over at woman. His mother. She was meeting his mother. She tensed a little. “Oh, It’s nice to meet you too.” She said chewing her lip. When his mother moved towards Cel she looked at him and shook his head. “Could have warned me I would be meeting your mother.” She said with a smirk as she grabbed a drink that passed by.

    Rohan laughed softly as he handed her a drink "I was planning on telling you but my mother is quick" he lifted his glass at her smiling before taking a sip "I don't know if you're use to the wine or not but it's pretty strong so.." he reached out lightly touching her cheek with two fingers "Be careful with it ok?" He couldn't stand it any longer, he had to know, he leaned in kissing her softly, the sweet taste of her lips and the left over wine was intoxicating.

    It took a lot of will power to pull away from her "Sorry..." he whispered softly inches from her

    Celestia looked away from Aidan "You're wasting your time..." she felt his hand lightly touch her arm, she looked at him "I'm sorry Aidan, but.. I can't let myself get involved..." she covered her wrist hiding the mark.

    The music changed to a slow tune, Celestia felt Aidan's hand grab her, without saying a word he lead her to the floor and pulled her gently against him, one hand resting on the small part of her back the other on her shoulder, hesitant for a bit before she wrapped her arms over his shoulders, she heard him whisper "I'll do whatever it takes..." closing her eyes she leaned in closer to him, his arms around her, for once she felt safe

    She looked up at him when he mentioned that the wine was strong before looking back down at it. She’d have to keep that in mind. When she looked back up at him he moved it, his lips touching hers. She felt her tingly all over and it was over much sooner than she would have liked. “Don’t be.” She said quietly as the blush touched her cheeks again. It hadn’t been a forced kiss there was no roughness there it was gentle and sincere. Her eyes locked into his as she closed the space between them again and once their lips touched her eyes closed letting her hand touch his cheek softly.

    Aiden pulled her close as they danced breathing in her scent. He realized that he would do absolutely anything for this woman. Anything to make her happy. As she leaned in closer he gave a content sigh. “Stop over thinking this Celestial” he whispered in her ear. “Let me show you how you are supposed to be treasured. Let me show you what you mean to me, let the Gods themselves be jealous of what we have.” He looked down at her his eyes begging. “I promise you no matter what you choose no one will ever hurt you again”

    She rested her head against his chest "You can't promise something like that..." closing her eyes she pressed up against him closer, feeling his arms tighten around her holding her against him. Her hands rested firmly against his back, the warmth of his body relaxing her "but I believe you would try.." she opened her eyes looking at him "If you can be patient with me..." she felt his lips against her ear "Whatever it takes..." smiling she closed her eyes resting her head against his as they continued to dance

    Rohan felt heat rise up from within, her touches were soft, she kissed him again, it took every ounce of power not to have her right there, she drove him wild, he grabbed her hand "Last time you were here you were looking around, let me give you a tour"

    He sighed as he pressed against her. He would try, with all his might that nothing would ever hurt her again. “I’ll wait for you until the end of time-and then some” he whispered softly into her ear. It was heavenly to feel her so close to him. And if he had it his way they would never be further part then this at all time. Of course that wasn’t the case as his mother son walked up. He stopped dancing and smiled. “Celestia,” he said slowly. Maybe meeting his family would open her up more. “Meet my mother. Iset” His mother smiled at her. She was pleased to see that her sons finally had some one the felt was worth going after. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet the one who’s captured my son’s heart.”

    When the kiss broke again she smiled softly at him. He had broken down her walls so easily and if she was honest with herself that scared her a little bit. She took his hand though and walked with him. It would be nice to actually look around with out being caught this time. “Well, at least this time I wont be scared to death of punishment for my curiosity. “ she said with a small giggle as she took another sip of the wine. Maybe it was the wine that was making her feel so brave to go off alone with him. Though something in her told her Rohan would never force himself unwanted upon her. “How long have you been a guard here?” she asked as she looked around.

    A smile crossed her lips as he held her, slowly she was starting to let him in, but one step at a time, if anything seemed off to her, her walls would go right back up. An elder woman came up to them, her heart started beating fast when she announced who she was, blushing she didn't know what to say "I suppose that's me" she managed to choke out, Iset nodded smiling "Both you and your brother have good taste, her and her sister are breathtaking.." his mother looked over her shoulder "If you'll excuse me" and turned around leaving them alone on the floor.

    Celestia looked around and couldn't find her sister "Where is Cece?" She started to panic a bit, pulling away from Aidan, who grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards him "If anything happens to her..." her eyes started to grow with anger

    Rohan held her hand as he walked her around the halls "Ooohlet's see, I grew up here, my father was a guard and it just kind of been passed down, We were 13 when they made us train and then we became guards when were 21" he looked at her, it pained him to lie to her he wanted to tell her everything but he knew it would only end in one of two ways "Tell me more about you..." he pulled her front of him, his hand tucking a fallen hair behind her ear "My desert flower"

    Aiden looked up as she started to panic grabbing her arm pulling her back to him. “Celestia,” he said looking hat her his brow knotting. “Rohan would never hurt your sister.” He said looking at her seeing her eyes flash with anger and he gave a defeated sigh. “Look, we’ll go find them if you want but nothing is going to happen to Cecelia-not while she is with Rohan. He’s just as protective of her as I am of you.” He said touching her cheek. “Nothing is going to happen to her.” He said trying to comfort her.

    Cecelia looked up at him as he spoke taking in all the information he was giving her. “And…Your father?” she said as she ran her hands over some fabric with a daydreaming smile. It was so soft. “Is he here too? With your mother?” she asked. She smiled as he pulled her in front of him tilting her head a little bit as he tucked her hair behind her ear. “Well, you know the basics, I’m from lower class, my father was a worker. I’m a twin, “ shesaid as she thought about what else to tell him. “I like the smell of rain,” she paused as she took a drink “I don’t really care for thunderstorms.” She said with a small shrug taking another drink. “What else do you want to know? “ she asked as she finished off her glass setting it down on an end table. “What about you what don’t I Know about you?” She asked as closed some space between them."How many other woman have you toured the palace with?" She was feeling rather brave now that the wine was kicking her mind was fuzzing over a bit.

    Rohan smiled letting his fingers run over her shoulder and her arm "My father? You'll meet him eventually, for now he is away" he raised his brow smiling "Plenty of women, but none had the effect you have on me and none that meant anything to me like you.." he pulled her against him "But as far as I am concerned, only you have gotten a tour... I want you Cece.. and not just for a night..." his eyes looked deeply into hers "I want you every night... if I may do blunt and forward with you, I have dreamed of you ever since I first saw you... I've woken up reaching out hoping you'd be next to me... I want to feel you wrapped around me, your legs around me... I want all of you Cece.." he leaned down kissing her hard

    Cel looked at Aidan "You don't even know us that well.." she pulled away from him and started to go look for Cece, she got to the hall before he caught up to her, catching her around the waist, pressing her up against the wall "You are stubborn.." her heart started pounding looking into his eyes she couldn't fight with him anymore, this man was not going to give up, she admire that "Fine.. can you show me around since last time we weren't suppose to be walking around"

    How many women had he been with? And how many had he used that line on? She smiled at him though as she tried to shake her doubts away. She didn’t want Celestia to be right about them using them. She giggled a little as he pulled her close. “Well.” She said as she tried to keep control of herself. Wow, he hadn’t been kidding the wine was strong-it had been a very large glass and for never having more than a single sip before in her life it was hitting her hard. “My dreams never do you justice” she admitted looking up at him. His kiss came as a surprise as she tried to focus her thoughts. She kissed him back though just as hard, wrapping her arms around him breaking the kiss only for a moment to breath before her lips were on him again. Her body pressed against his and she was okay until her back pressed against a wall. The flashes of the guard and the marking her flooding her mind. “Stop.” She said almost too quiet for her to even hear herself. His hands were on her waist and she paled. It took her a moment to find her voice again as the smell of burning flesh hit her from her memories. “s-Stop Rohan.” She choked out as unwelcome tears formed her hands suddenly pushing him away nearly falling over when she moved to get away.

    Aiden moved after her when she left. Why did she make this so difficult? Couldn’t she see how much he cared for her. His arms went around her waist gently and tugged her back to him sliding her against the wall. “Celestia they are fine. Cece obviously likes him as much as he does her give them a chance to know one another.” He said looking down at her. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted it so bad, but with the way she still felt and how uneasy she seemed he figured it probably wasn’t a good idea. “Good, I want to show you everything” he said letting her go with a smile putting her hand into his as he walked. “IS there any thing you’d like to see? Or were curious about here in the palace?” he asked as he walked with her down the hall. “You know..” he said slowly as they walked. “I’d like to kiss you if you’d let me?” he said looking down at her.

    Rohan never backed away so quickly before, the tears in her eyes made him feel like a criminal "Cece I'm sorry..." he didn't know what to do, he felt like touching her would send her over and that was the last thing he wanted "I'm sorry"

    Cel looked at Aidan when he asked her to kiss her "How many times where you hit in the head?" Smiling "I want to see where you sleep" she shrugged her shoulders as they walked side by side down the hall

    Rohan stood there shaking, fuck he thought, ruined his chances with her, he wouldn't blame her for running out and never wanting to see him again, he stepped close to her "Cece, please... don't cry"

    Aiden thought about her request for a moment did he show her the guards sleeping quarters or his actual room? She had already been in his room once. It was probably too nice to pass off as his room with his current job status she thought he had. “Where I sleep” he said looking at her. “Alright” he said turning down a hall walking with her for a bit. How would she take it when she found out he was a prince of Egypt? That he would be one day in charge of its running? He opened a door to a small bedroom, it was still pretty lavish with nice bed and fabrics just none of the extras it was simple. “It’s nothing special I don’t spend a lot of time in it especially as of lately” he said with a smile as he looked at her.

    Maybe Celestia had been right they had just been waiting for that perfect time to pounce. But then everything stopped his hands were off of her and he had stepped back from her. He had stoped? It hadn’t continued he had forced himself on her.

    She looked up at him as he stepped forward to her. She was trying to process the fact that he had done exactly what she asked and stopped. He was apologizing asking her not to cry for what he did absolutely nothing wrong. Taking in a shaky breath she closed the space between them wrapping her arms around him letting her head rest in his chest. “Don’t be” she whispered. “I’m sorry..I’m trying to forget him but every so often everything that happened sneaks back in.” She said “Just...forgive me when I need to step back.”

    "Oh?" She looked at him as she made her way around the room "Were you planning on using it more sometime in the future?" A smile spread across her face as she walked back towards him, her eyes never leaving his, she closed the space between them, looking up at him as he looked down at her with those dark eyes of his "You said you wanted to kiss me right?" She watched him nod slowly "When I say stop... you stop ok?"

    Rohan held Cece against him, his hand gently brushing her hair as she laid her head against, so warm he thought as he felt the heat radiate from her "I promise if you ever see him you point him out to me or if I find out first that the last time you see him he is swinging" he looked down at her lifting her face to look up "I will make sure he pays..."

    Did she have any idea what she was doing to him. His eyes never left her as she walked around the room. “I’d hope so” he said answering her question. As she closed the space between them his arms instinctively went around her. He had no words. Was she really going to let him? He gave a small nod to her first question. “Always.” He whispered to her. He’d never cross a line that she didn’t want to be crossed. He had to remind himself he couldn’t ravish her. He didn’t want her spooked. His hand cupped her cheek as he leaned down and found her lips against his. His fingers twisted slightly into her hair as he pulled her closer deepening the kiss. It was heavenly. Everything and more than what he dreamed it would be. His kiss became a little more demanding as he forced her lips wanting to taste more of her. He broke for air before he kissed down her neck. She had to know how much he wanted her. He didn’t want to over step a line though as he backed to the bed and gently pulled her on to his lap. He wanted her. He wanted to have his way with her. But that took trust-and that would take some time to build. For now he’d show her he could stop on command. For her he’d hand her the power…for now. His hand gripped her side as they slid up towards her breasts his lips kissing her neck up to her ear. “Don’t lose your voice on me when it’s too much tell me” he whispered as he kissed back down towards he collar bone.

    Cecelia’s brown knotted a bit. “Don’t make trouble. The last thing I…or Cel, needs is for you to find out who they are threaten and then them come after us because it. It’s not worth it” she said as a shudder ran through her at the thought of that. What if they saw them here with them? Would they mark their territory? She sighed a little. She hadn’t meant to spoil the moment. “Why do you go after me Rohan, you could have someone of higher class, or more…elegance, someone who isn’t as damaged. “ she pulled back from him a little. She gave a look around the hall before back to him. “I mean you get to wake up to this every day..so why would you want someone who’s out of place here?

    His lips pressed against hers, she felt surge of electricity run down her as his hands moved over her pulling her close against him, the way he touched and kissed her it was different, a softer, a wanting, but in a manner that she was not use to, only one other touched her like this but he was put to death. Looking at him as he pulled away m, she quickly closed it wrapping her arms around him as he led them to the bed, she felt the soft covers before being placed on his lap, she leaned in kissing him more before he took over her neck "Keep going..." she softly moaned as his hands continued moving around her body

    "It would not be trouble Cece... men like that should be made an example of and be punished..." his hands ran up and down her back softly ".. for harming any woman" he held her against him a little tighter before picking her up and carrying her over towards the couch and setting her down and taking his place next to her, taking her hands into his "Why you? Why not? Someone's class shouldn't matter... I went after you because you were like a light in my dark world... I wanted to keep the light... and besides you honestly belong here... with me, because I want you Cece"

    Her words echoed into him as she asked him to keep going. It was exactly what he wanted to hear. She was enjoying it so how could he stop. The only thing he wanted to do was to give her pleasure in life, in every way possible. So he kept going, nipping her neck and chest as he kissed his way down his hands on her back as he held her in place letting his lips travel lower into her cleavage kissing, sucking. He wanted her. He could feel his own excitement growing. It wasn’t something he’d be able to keep hidden not with her sitting atop him. He wanted to explore every inch of her. He looked at her as he pulled the dress down slightly so more of her breasts were out. He wanted to make sure he didn’t cross a line as he slid his hand around letting her bust fill his hand before his lips locked onto hers squeezing her left breast as his right hand slipped up her dress his fingers brushing her inner thigh. He wanted so much more of her. His hand slipped into her dress to her bare breast before he captured her lips with his wanting to avoid her saying stop as he kissed her hard letting his fingers pinch at her nipple. He moved swiftly as he laid her back onto the bed so that he leaned over her His breath getting heady with want and need as his hand slid up her leg more under her dress gripping her waist before his bit down on her neck gently.

    Cecelia looked at him. “It would be trouble Rohan. You don’t have the power to execute a fellow guard. That’s something only the pharaoh has and maybe the princes..All you would do would make them angry and it wouldn’t be you they took it out on it would be Cel and me.” She said. She let out a small laugh as he picked her up setting her onto the couch and smiled at him as a blush touched her cheeks. “You always make me blush Rohan.” She said shaking her head as she leaned over kissing him. “And make me feel safe and wanted when my insecurities get the best of me. “ she said feeling brave again. She had to admit being here would be nice, but being with him would be better. What would it be like to wake up in his arms. He had proven tonight that he would stop, the way he looked at her afterwards too had hurt even her. She didn’t want him to look at her with pain the way he had when she asked him to stop. “I think I’d like that….” She said looking at him. “To be here…well, anywhere with you really..” she with as she kissed him softly.

    She felt Aidan's hands slowly running down her sides resting on her hips, before to long the top portion of her dress pooled and settled on her hips, tilting her head exposing her neck more to him, leaning against him she felt his hand slowly massage her breast, gasping a bit in his ear as he moved her onto her back, getting on top of her, his hand continued to move under her dress, closer and closer before she grabbed his wrist "Stop..." she looked at him as it took awhile for him to register what she said "You can touch anywhere but there

    If she only knew he thought, he wanted to tell her in that moment but decided against it, there will be a time and place, now wasn't it. Smiling he lightly touched her cheek letting his hand fall down on her neck and pulling her close to him "Whenever you're ready, you just tell me when and I will do every thing in my power to have you with me" he leaned in kissing her softly

    He kissed her neck his hand getting so close to feeling all over her, but then she said stop. And it took a second for him to realize what she meant. Her hand on his wrist and he pulled back slightly to look at her. Anywhere but there. She had set a line. He searched her face for a moment to make sure she meant that she was okay before he gave a nod of understanding and pulled her closet to him. His mouth clamped down onto her nipple sucking on it roughly before his teeth pulled on it. He wanted every part of this woman, and right now he knew where his line was and he was going to explore everything he could until she had enough. His other hand slipped down pushing her dress lower letting his hand wander her soft skin. He wanted her to want him that she didn’t want to say stop. His lips traveled down toward her navel nipping at her hip bone. This woman was everything he needed and desired.

    She kissed him softly. “It means a lot that you don’t mind taking it slow with me…” she said as she pressed a little into him kissing him again. She wasn’t sure if she wanted it to go further, the last thing she wanted was to have to have him back off of her so quickly again. She was sure it hadn’t been fun for him, his face had told her he’d rather not repeat that action again. “I’d like to see your favorite place to go in the palace.” She said softly. It would give them something to do. And maybe she could shake the whole feeling of anxiety off of her.

    A soft moan escaped her lips as he bit on her nipples and started to tease her slowly, She watched as he started to slowly kiss and bite his way down her, biting her lip she smiled at him, their eyes meet with one another's as he moved over her, she felt the heat of his body as he slowly hovered over her, his hands gripped at her bare skin as his lips found hers once more, celestia wrapped her arms around his shoulders and hooked one leg around his waist, pulling him closer to her

    "My favorite place?" He thought about it, before it was the garden that his mother worked on, but as he looked at her, his favorite place would be where ever she was, taking her hand he stood up and led her out of the room "I think you will like it" he walked down the hall with her pointing out various places until they reached the end "My mother had a hand in this..."

    The sound of her moan was heavenly. He wanted so much more. There was just something about this woman before him. Something he had never felt before. He liked everything about her. He wanted to make her happy, to protect her, to give her the world. As she pulled him closer he smiled against the kiss. He wanted her, there was no hiding that his member pressing against her as their waists touched. He broke the kiss to look down at her to take her. “You really are stunning Celestia.” He said softly as he leaned down kissing he neck.

    Cecelia stood with him her hand in his as they walked through. She took in everything he pointed in. He really had lived such an extraordinary life. He probably wanted for nothing growing up. Even as a guard. Having this at his fingertips. She looked at garden and then back at him. Really? She asked as she walked into the garden further looking at the flowers and different plants. “It’s beautiful.” She said softly turning back to him with a soft smile. “So your father is a guard, your mother?...works around he palace, you and your brother are guards…are there any more siblings? “ She asked as she reached out to touch a flower.

    Celestia pulled him closer, kissing him once more, closing her eyes she's wrapped her arms around him, she felt his hands move down her sides, removing more of her dress, practically leaving her naked, she felt the cool breeze be replaced with him moving on top of her, she felt him press against her, slowly pushing his hips against hers, her eyes opened looking up at him.

    She would be lying to herself if she said she didn't want him, but if she didn't stop him now as she felt his hand grip and pull at her hips, they would eventually find themselves both naked and he would end up claiming her, she smiled at the thought of her being his, lighting running her fingers through his hair, she didn't want to stop, her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him down each time he pulled back "Aidan.." she whispered his name as she felt him biting her neck and lightly sucking "Please don't leave any marks... least ones that are visible..."

    Rohan looked at Cece smiling "No just my brother and myself, my mother wanted a daughter but my father... well doesn't, not after watching what my mother had gone through for the two of us and figured that with both my brother and I, that my mother would get two daughters..." he shrugged "You? Or is it just your sister and you?" He turned to face her, brushing her hair from her shoulders "I'd love to meet your mother some day.. if you ever get to be mine, I'll move her here with us and she'd be taken care of"

    Aidan groaned out against her asking him not to leave visible marks. Oh she had no idea what he wanted to do to her. How rough he really wanted to be, how he wanted to ravish her body. His hands squeezed her waist. He wanted her, all of her. He wanted to claim every inch of her. She had been through so much, as his hands ran over her body he could feel the few scars on her body. He needed to stop. He didn’t want to spook her, but he wasn’t sure how much self-control he had to be able to just stop. He was sure he could be it would be hard. He wanted to respect her wishes and not touch her where she didn’t want to be touched but as he took her nipple into his mouth again he realized that if he kept going it would end there.

    “Celestia” he said as he pulled back a bit. He was losing his composure. “I want you comfortable and ready for the marks I leave” he said as he kissed her stomach nipping at her waist line. “But if I don’t stop now..” he closed his eyes as he drew himself up to her neck and lips again feeling her waist press against him. “I don’t want you to have regrets.” He said clenching his jaw a little as he pushed his waist back against hers. He said up a little looking down at her. She was a sight to see. He pulled her up to him setting her in his lap again wrapping his hands into her hair tugging it slightly so he could kiss her neck again. “Say you want me and you’ll have me” he whispered before he captured her lips with his again.

    “Just Celestia and I.” she said with a soft smile. What would her mother say? The guards that raided weren’t people to cross, but, if you got a good guard you’d be protected and your life wouldn’t be that bad. What would her mother say about living in the palace? She’d probably laugh and tell them to get their heads out of the clouds. “I’m not sure how she’d like that..” she said that as her eyes wandered the garden again. “I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice thought to have but.” She said kind of half shrugging. “Not something that happens often enough to get hopes up.” She said as she chewed on her lip a little.

    She looked up at him as he brushed the hair from her shoulder and a small shiver ran through her. She would have to thank Celfor making her sneak into the party that night, otherwise she would have never met him. She smiled at him as she closed the small space between them wrapping her arms around his neck. “I don’t think I’ve said thank you to you.” She said as she rubbed her nose with his. “For everything, I’ve never been…” what’s the word. “ so kindly treated before.” She said as she kissed him.

    Rohan held her close, smiling as she rubbed her nose against his "My mother taught both us to respect the opposite sex, to treat them with care, to cherish them, and to love them..." he trailed off at the last part before swallowing hard "I know it hasn't been long, nearly a month and a few weeks... but not a second doesntpass that I haven't thought of you, haven't wanted anyone more than you.." he reached up grabbing her chin softly to lift it to look up at him "... I want to wake up every morning with you by my side, as mine..." his eyes were serious yet gentle "I love you Cece... I do, I mean it with every fiber of my body... I've never wanted anyone else this much or ever..."

    Celestia held onto Aidan as he grabbed her hips rocking her back and forth on his lap, closing her eyes she planted kisses along the side of his face "We must stop..." she felt the soft tightened grip on her followed with a small shaking hands as he kept them there where they laid, she ran her hands down his back "I'm sorry... I want too..." she rested her head on his shoulder "But I want... when it happens... I want to be more ready.. I know I'm not making sense but I know if we continue this way..." she pulled back looking at him "I think we both know what will happen..."

    “Well your mother did good.” She said with a smile. She had never had treatment like this. This was amazing. She had no idea where she would wear the dress he gave her to again, but she enjoyed it. In fact in all honesty it was so soft and airy that the thought of never wearing anything else again crossed her mind. His hand was on her chin and she looked at him and she could feel her face flush red. “Oh my…” she said as she looked at him She could feel her breath catch. He just told her that he loved her. Her brow knotted a little bit an she swallowed hard. Why? Was the question that flew to her head. “I-“ Was it because she hadn’t let him have her? Was it because she was so distant. Was this the first time he had been denied? She felt like her mouth was dry. He meant so much to her. What would Cel say? “Rohan…” she said looking at him with some tears. She took a breath and gave a smile to him “I love you too.”

    He closed his eyes. He didn’t want to stop. Her gripped her hips a little tighter. Taking in a deep breath he let out a shaky breath with a small nod before he let his fingers run through her haind. “Don’t be sorry.” He said trying to calm his body down. “If we continue I know what I’ll do” he said with a chuckle. He kissed her again softly standing her up pulling her dress back over her body letting his hands run down her arm slowly. “I will wait for you until the end of time.” He said softly. “I want you ready, and comfortable. And…” he said as he stood up kissing her lips. “There is no rush, because I fully intend on having you with me for all that time. “ he said kissing her again.

    Rohan gently grabbed both of Cece shoulders "Don't say it unless you mean it" he looked into her eyes, getting lost in them for a bit before pulling her closer to him "I'm being serious,

    I don't want you saying because you think that's what I want to hear, I want you to say it because you mean it and knowing that by saying it... you're mine..." his hands slid down her shoulders, then her arms, reaching her hands he cupped them in his "I won't ever hurt you or force you to do anything you don't want to, but I want you to know that I do love you, and I want you by side... for as long as it takes.."

    Celestia looked up at him as he helped her with her dress "If I didn't know any better that sounded as if you are claiming me as yours" her hands ran over his arms "I don't know to feel about that honestly... I mean... the last one to claim me was put to death by the one who marked me claiming me as theirs..." she looked down "Can we go back to the party and dance some more? I liked the way you were holding me... I felt safe"

    She looked at him as he told her to only say it if she meant it. Did she? She smiled softly up at him. “Rohan…” she said as he cupped her hands. “The first time we met you scared me half to death.” She said smirking a little rolling her eyes. “I thought for sure it would be the end of my life.” She said shaking her head with a small laugh. “I thought of all the worst possible things that could happen to me, from lashing, to…being forced into something again But, even as we walked your hold on me was never painful like other guards have been. And then you guys kept coming back and I found myself lonely on the days you didn’t come. “ she said as she looked up at him. “And I often wonder what it would be like to wake up next to you, or not have to go days with out seeing you.” She said scrunching her nose a little. “So..me saying I love you isn’t because I think it’s what you want to hear from me. It’s true. I do love you…I still think we are on different pages with what we are ready for, but it you’re willing to wait and take your time with me then I promise I wont be any one but yours in the end.” She said giving his hands a gentle squeeze.

    He wasn’t sure how he felt about hearing that. “Don’t you worry about me I can handle my own.” He said kissing her softly. “But I’ll wait.” He stood up and gave her a once over, he didn’t want anyone seeing what would one day his. He kissed her softly taking her hand leading her back to the party. “I want you to always feel safe with me” he said as he pulled her close to dance with her. “Dancing or just being beside me. I always want you to feel I can protect you.” He said as he twirled her. “I want you happy always” he said as he pulled her back. “Let me make you happy Celestia.” He whispered into her hear. That's all he wanted. He wanted to hear her laugh, to see her smile. He wanted to be the reason she smiled day in and day out.

    Celestia presses up against Aidan as they slowly moved on the floor, the music dropped a bit making it into one of the slow songs, she wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes as he moved them in small slow circles.

    She felt something, an uneasy feeling, she opened her eyes looking around and spotted them, they had not seen her for they weren't looking at her, their attention was on two other girls at the party.

    Slowly Celestia started moving them towards a door that she could take off towards without them noticing her. Once there she let go of Aidan, a pained look in her eyes as she turned and ran off to grab Cece.

    “Celestia!” Aidan called as she pulled from him looking at him as hurt washed over his face. Had he done something wrong? He moved to go after her but got stopped by someone wanting to speak by him and he frowned moving past him but he hadn’t seen the way she had taken. He sighed deeply as he looked around. It was most likely they’d go to their house and if for whatever reason she wanted away from him he wasn’t going to push he didn’t want to make her feel like she couldn’t get space if she needed it.

    Cece was walking back towards the party with a laugh about something that Rohan had said. When Cel pulled her away from him and took off. “Cel!” she said looking over her shoulder at Rohan who was left a little dumbfounded that they were taking off. “Cel! Wait” she said stumbling a little. “I’m not ready to go!” she said as she was being pulled down the path towards home. “Celestia!” she said tugging her sister a bit. “What is wrong?” she said shaking her head. “Are you okay? Just stop a second and talk to me-I didn’t even get to say good bye to Rohan!” she said scrunching her nose.

    Celestia grabbed her sisters hand as she ran past her, pulling her with, not ignoring her questions she was asking until they were far enough from the palace and out of view before she pulled her in between two buildings, breathing hard she rested her hands on her knees as she bent over a bit "Sorry... needed... to... get... out..of... there..." she looked down trying to catch her breath before looking at her sister "Don't worry about Rohan I'm sure they will be down here in awhile or day or so... we couldn't stay there..." she grabbed Ceces shoulders as her eyes started to swell with tears "They were there Cece, I saw them as I was dancing with Aidan, after he nearly bedded me... which... I would of let happen..." her eyes searched her sisters "I really love him but I'm so scared Cece and when I saw them standing there my fears rushed back to me, I saw everything as I ran to find you..." She closed her eyes as tears started to run down her cheeks "I don't think they saw me... I didn't want to have any trouble at the party... it's why... I'm sorry Cece..."

    Cece listened to what her sister had to say and her eyes widened. “You saw them?!” she said pulling her into a tight hug. “Oh, Cel!” she said gripping her tightly. “Come on let’s go home” she said linking arms with her. If there was one thing she knew it was that Celestia always had her back, and she would have hers. How could she be mad at her for that? She probably would have done the same thing. “You know…” Cece said as she walked arm in arm with Cel down the dirt path towards their home. “I was thinking…maybe we should go see Mom for a bit? It would give us time to think about what we want with the boys…and they probably shouldn’t be spending so much time with us. I feel like we’re pulling them from work they’ll probably end up getting fired and then what..” she said rolling her eyes a little bit.

    Aiden went to find Rohan right away. “I don’t know what happened.” He said. Aiden could tell he was confused as was he. “We were just dancing and she just all of a sudden bolted. I don’t know why..” he said with a deep sigh. “Should we go after? Make sure they are okay?” he said he was worried about her. It wasn’t like her to just turn and run.

    Rohan looked at Aidan letting out a deep sigh "I feel like there might of been a reason..." he looked around the room at the other guards "I wonder if she saw them... but which ones..." his eyes looked around, frustrated that he didn't know which two guards caused so much pain for the two sisters "I say we go and watch their house to make sure... if the two guards that are here and say saw Celestia they might do something... I just have a gut feeling that's probably why she ran away and grabbed Cece without saying goodbye..." Rohan looked at Aidan before the two nodded in silence and went to go watch their house "How many nights?" There was a moment of silence "As many as it takes until those two are in the ground"

    Cece looked at Cel and opened the door to their house. "Want something to eat or are you just tired." she said rolling her shoulders a bit. She was tired it was a long night, of information. She sighed laying down on the bed with a soft sigh. "How was your night with Aiden?" She asked with a smile looking at her. "Sounds like you two got pretty far." she said with a small giggle.

    Aiden looked at his brother and nodded. Yes. He would watch the house as long as it took to make sure they were all safe. He didn't like the thought that someone would even dream of hurting them. Rohan was very right. Until whoever hurt them was in the ground. He was ready for that. "Was your night good? Mine was" he said with a smirk. "So good. Until you know she bolted." he said as he walked towards their house with him.

    Rohan looked at Aidan "Is she soft? I would imagine so... Cece has very soft skin... and her lips.." he shook his head of thoughts of what he would like her to do.. and what he would like to do to her "So you going to tell me what happened before Celestiabolted?" They started for the door to leave when their mother stopped them "Where.. are.." she noticed the look on their faces "Be careful..."

    Celestia looked down and saw the dark mark he left behind on the top part of her breast, turning red she tilted her head smiling "Yes.. and from what I felt when he was having me grind on him... he isn't lacking in that area... is it bad I wanted to?" She day down on the edge of the bed "But I knew it wasn't right... the moment wasn't.."

    Aiden looked over at his brother with a smirk. “So soft. And warm, and “ he gave a sigh. “I’ve never felt this way before. “ And he was no stranger to women in his bed. But there was something about Celestia that he wanted more than anything. He paused only for a moment when their mother stopped them. “Don’t worry about us.” He said with a playful smile to his mother pushing Rohan on as he followed.

    Cecelia’s eyes wandered down to where she was looking and she sat up a bit with a laugh. “No it’s not bad!” she said with a grin. “I love him Cel…I don’t want to be with out him I think about him all the time…” she said laying back again throwing her arm over her eyes. “I already miss him..” she said with a groan. “I kind of wish he was here or I was there I bet their beds are sooomuch more comfortable and the blankets are so soft…not to mention big warm arms” she said with a smirk

    Rohan shook his head smiling "I know the feeling brother... when Cece is near me the rest of the world seems to fade and all I see is her, she constantly plagues my mind... I felt like a criminal earlier when she told me to stop, the tears in her eyes..." he closed his letting out a deep sigh "I can't wait until I get my hands on the ones who hurt them..."

    Celestia poked Cece "Do you really love him sis? How does he make you feel when he's around you?" Celestia slipped out of her dress and into her night clothing before getting under the thin blanket "I wouldn't mind staying in bed with Aidan there, the beds are comfy and the sheets are soft... I could spend the day in bed with him... I do want him, I like him a lot... the way he touched me... felt safe..."

    “We’ll get them eventually” Aiden declared. He knew eventually the other guards would sow their faces, and when he finally found out who he would put them in the ground-only after making sure they suffered. He only wished that Celestiawould have just pointed him out so he could have taken care of it tonight. There would be no more anxiety about them if they were gone. She should have just told him, so he could have dealt with it for her. Then she could feel safe all the time.

    Cece stood changing out of the dress letting her fingers run over the soft fabric one more time. “Yeah Cel, I do. He makes me feel…special and safe…and like maybe I deserve more than what we have. And I never really thought about how little we have or what I was going with out until he wanted to give me more.” She said as she climbed into bed with her pulling the blanket up. “I can only imagine what it would be like sleeping in the bed with those soft sheets and not this…scratchy holey blanket...I bet I could sleep all day” she said with a giggle. “I’m glad you like him Cel, He seems really nice.” She said with a smile. “Would you change anything? I mean if you could have everything you wanted would he be in the picture?”

    "Honestly?" Cel rolled over on her side to look at Cece "No, even with everything that has happened..." she closed her eyes "Everything that has happened to us was for a reason, despite most of it being bad, everything has been pushing us towards something" she opened her eyes "or maybe someone.. certain someones.. it's hard to explain why I wouldn't change anything... I mean say father didn't die, we would of moved away by now to live with the rest of the family.. we wouldn't of meet Aidan and Rohan... we would of most likely have been married off to someone else... maybe the gods present us with this life so when we have something good... we appreciate it more.." she shrugged rolling on her back "I'm sure they'll be here in the morning..." she looked at Cece smiling "I have no doubt that they'll be here first thing"

    Cece turned to look at her and smiled. “With questions I’m sure.” She said looking back up at the ceiling. “I’m a little surprised they didn’t come tonight, I’m sure we worried them” she said as she let her eyes close. The clothes felt so harsh compared to the dress Rohan had given her. “I’m spoiled with that dress I’m forever going to compare.” She said with a deep sigh. “You know..” she said as she turned to look back at Celestia. “If we do marry them we really will never be apart since they work at the castle.” It had always been a fear of hers. That they would be married off and then taken away from one another. It eased her mind a little bit to think that if things worked out, they would not only get amazing guys, but she’d be with her sister-her best friend for life.

    "Marry? Thinking that far ahead huh?" She looked at the door in a way hoping they'd walk in but knowing if anything they'd knock first "I don't know if I'm ready to be married honestly, I was once but you know... they put him to death..." she let out a long sigh before rolling on her side "I want to see the world more than anything..."

    Aidan pressed his head against the wall as they listened in on the sisters, Rohan was on the other side of the house watching.

    Celestia "If not the world then I would like to explore more of the countryside... and I wouldn't mind if Aidan wanted to join, but I feel that would take him away from his duties..." She closed her eyes "Maybe... I would be fine with doing things with him in general... hunting, fishing, all that sort of stuff.."

    Cecelia grinned as she talked about getting a head of herself. She knew that Cel, had been heartbroken before. So she couldn’t blame her for wanting to take it slow on that department and not wanting to rush things. She honestly didn’t know what it was like to lose a love like that. She didn’t want to imagine. She gave her a sad look before nodding a little bit.

    Cece smiled a little bit though as she kept talking about what she wanted to do with Aiden. “I’m sure that he would love to do any of those things with you. I think I would like to do any of that with Rohan, I’d even like maybe see what he does in action.” She said thoughtfully. “You know in all the times that we’ve seen them we don’t ever really see them working. Do you think they get in trouble for being gone so much?”

    Cece’s stomach suddenly growled and she laughed. “I didn’t do much eating at the party..” she admitted. “I did venture with him to see the palace a bit, I saw the garden and it was lovely…” she said chewing her lip. “Rohan got really close, I think I made him feel bad because I freaked out when we were against a wall.” She said rolling her eyes at herself. "I'm just not used to someone being so close...you know so as much as I wanted it all I could think of was the other guard..Which isn't fair to Rohan.."

    Rohan clenched his jaw as he heard her, he couldn't wait to find those two and bury them deep that even the Gods of the underworld couldn't find them. He walked around towards Aidan nodding that they step back and watch from a safe distance. Once they were far enough "We will take turns resting, then when day breaks we will go and spend time with them, I know that we will do this as long as it takes until they point them out or we catch them, I'll take first watch"

    Celestia looked over her shoulder "Makes me wonder if they have a special spot that allows them to do whatever they would want to do, because the room Aidan showed me seemed really nice for a guard..." she laid on her back looking up "Do you think you would not think of him when you're with Rohan?"

    Aiden gave a nod to Rohan settled in against a tree. He couldn’t wait until he could take the people that hurt them down. “Wake me when you get tired.” He said closing his eyes. He would much rather feel Celestia in his arms in a soft warm bed. Feeling her soft skin against his, tasting her lips, her skin, the smell of her hair. He smiled to himself as he thought about it. At least he could still think about it.

    “Maybe” she said her brow knotted, they do seem to have a lot of free reign” she said pulling the blanket tighter. “I think maybe in time.” She said with a small yawn. “I think….things stay with you and I think they will understand that.” She said letting her eyes close. “We should get some sleep” she said softly. Faster she slept the faster she got to see Rohan again.

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    Rohan clenched his jaw as he heard her, he couldn't wait to find those two and bury them deep that even the Gods of the underworld couldn't find them. He walked around towards Aidan nodding that they step back and watch from a safe distance. Once they were far enough "We will take turns resting, then when day breaks we will go and spend time with them, I know that we will do this as long as it takes until they point them out or we catch them, I'll take first watch"

    Celestia looked over her shoulder "Makes me wonder if they have a special spot that allows them to do whatever they would want to do, because the room Aidan showed me seemed really nice for a guard..." she laid on her back looking up "Do you think you would not think of him when you're with Rohan?"

    Aiden gave a nod to Rohan settled in against a tree. He couldn’t wait until he could take the people that hurt them down. “Wake me when you get tired.” He said closing his eyes. He would much rather feel Celestia in his arms in a soft warm bed. Feeling her soft skin against his, tasting her lips, her skin, the smell of her hair. He smiled to himself as he thought about it. At least he could still think about it.

    “Maybe” she said her brow knotted, they do seem to have a lot of free reign” she said pulling the blanket tighter. “I think maybe in time.” She said with a small yawn. “I think….things stay with you and I think they will understand that.” She said letting her eyes close. “We should get some sleep” she said softly. Faster she slept the faster she got to see Rohan again.

    Cel woke up before Cece, laying there for a few seconds she looked out and saw it was still slightly dark out sighing she rolled out of bed and got dressed. Walking towards the door she heard movement outside, her heart dropped into her stomach as she reached for something to defend herself and sister with.

    With the item in hand she reached for the door and flung it open, her wrist was grabbed before could swing and was pulled against someone strong, his hand released her wrist and wrapped his arms around her tightly "It's alright.. it's just us honey" it was Rohan, she closed her eyes and stepped back looking at both the brothers standing at their door "What are you guys doing here?" She stepped to the side allowing them in

    "Well.. our concern was you and Ceces safety, you ran out of the party without a word" Rohan walked around Cel before seeing Cece

    Aiden chuckled a bit when she was released taking the item from her. “Going to beat us to death?” he asked with a smile pulling her into him kissing her forehead. “Just wanted to make sure you were okay and safe.” He said running his thumb over her cheek. “You worried me last night.” He said as he looked at her. He didn’t like the fact that she felt she couldn’t tell him who the problem was. She had to know by now that he would protect her.

    Cece’s eyes flew open when she heard the door swing open. She blinked a few times as she pushed herself up to sitting before hearing Rohan’s voice. She glanced at the window her brow knotting a bit. It was still dark, which meant it was early. She laid her head back down on the pillow as Rohan made his way to her. “It’s too early.” She said groggily curling into her blanket-though not much good since half of her leg was uncovered from a hole. “But it is nice to wake up to you” she said as he got closer.

    Rohan looked at her blanket and gently shook his head, he had to remind himself that not everyone had the same privilege, looking at Aidan before looking back at Cece smiling besides marrying her, he had plans to make things better not for her and Celestia, but for their children and their people they would eventually rule over. Rohan being the eldest would gain rule over the country, at first he wasn't sure if he wanted that... until he meet Cece and knew that with her they would accomplish great things. He slide his arm under her and pulled her against him letting her finish up her rest.

    Celestia looked at Aiden "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make either of you worry.. just I saw them and the memories..." she looked down closing her eyes

    Aiden frowned as she spoke about it. “Celestia, you should have pointed them out so we could have taken care of this once and for all.” He said pulling her closer. “I will always protect you.” He said before he stepped in closing the door behind him. “But it would be much easier to help you if I knew who I was looking for.” He said sitting down pulling her into his lap.

    Cece smiled as he pulled her into him and she contently sighed as she wrapped herself around him tangling her limbs with his. She enjoyed this, the closeness of him, the smell of him, She loved every moment of it. It dawned on her that she wouldn’t mind waking up like this every day. She felt safe in his arms. And that wasn’t a feeling she was used to having. “Why did you guys come so early? You could have waited…” she said half buried into Rohan’s chest as she fought to keep her eyes open.

    Rohan thought about telling her that they had been watching over them but figured that would of been rather weird and creepy in a sense, with all things considering what they had been through. He pulled her closer, running his fingers through her hair "We wanted to make sure you two were ok, besides I like spending time with you and didn't want to really waste any minute" his hand ran up and down her arm softly

    Celestia looked up at Aidan "I don't want you getting in trouble over me... besides I didnt want to draw attention at the party ruining it for the others there.." she felt him pull her against him, closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around him "There's an extra bed in the back that we can take" she grabbed his hand and lead him towards it "Mind you its not soft like yours"

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    Cece smiled at Rohan and settled into his arms more. It was nice to just be held and not think about anything else. She gave a soft sigh as she relaxed fully into his arms. “Thank you for last night by the way.” She said her body pressing into his as she leaned a bit up for a kiss. “We left so sudden I didn’t get a chance to thank you.” She said as she worked on waking herself up fully.

    Aidan followed her back to the other bed and pulled her close laying them into bed. She as right, this bed was anything but soft. In fact is was down right lumpy uncomfortable, and was the hay poking through the blanket they had down? Yes…He cleared his throat. This was not how she should be sleeping at all. He couldn’t wait to change that. “I wouldn’t get in trouble, hell with the party Cel, I want to know who did this to you so I can fix it.” He said tucking some hair behind her ear before pulling her closer. “I wish you would tell me.”
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    Rohan pulled Cece closer to him, his hand lightly running over her soft hair "It is alright my love, we kind of figured what happened... though we wish you both would let us know.." he leaned in closer, kissing her forehead as he took in a deep breath of her scent. His hand ran down from her hair, down her back and resting right above her rear for a few seconds before sliding over the perfect mound where his hand rested. He felt her body go still and her breathing steady, smiling he held her against him, closing his eyes to rest a bit with her, but a final thought crossed his mind before he completely drifted... only a handful of guards have an insignia like the one that was branded into the sisters, ones who have put in years of service and have protected the brothers.

    Cel gently pushed him away "You don't understand trouble for me is trouble for you and trouble for you is trouble for me..." she closed her eyes as she was pulled in against him "I want to but I can't, you don't understand what they're capable of, and if they're gone their friends will take their place and that's more issues for Cece and I..." she pulled from him again looking at him "I don't think we should be together... at least yet..." she felt her heart breaking at her own words "I don't want to see you hurt or get hurt or something worse cause of me..." she reached out grabbing his hands "I like you a lot Aiden... and you do cross my mind a lot each day but I think of him and what they did to him..." she started to tear up "I can't watch that again or go through it if something did happen to you"
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    Aidan’s brow knotted as she spoke about not being together and shook his head. She was pushing him away again. He thought that they had gotten past this but it was still clearly a major fear of hers. “Cel…” he said listening to her before grabbing her chin gently. “Listen to me.” He said tilting her head so she looked up at him. “Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise you that. If you agree to be mine No one will ever touch or harm you or Cece again.” He cupped her cheek gently. “Trust me I can handle my own.”

    Cece cuddled into him and gave a soft sigh. “I know, but it’s dangerous not only for you, but for Cel and I. We must be careful things can happen if they see us and if they see us with other guards there’s the unspoken rule of sharing. And the last time that happened Cel…well it didn’t end well” she said with a deep sigh. It’s not safe. But I am glad for the stolen moments with you” she said pressing against him more.
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    Cel was gently pulled against Aiden, sighing as she rested her head on his chest "You can't promise or guarantee it, unless you were the actual royal family" she let out a small laugh "But even then they're not completely protected with certain guards" she looked up and pulled away a bit "I can't... you don't know what I had been through... you couldn't possibly know what it's like..." she could feel his hands tighten a bit and pull her back into him "We can take it day by day but that's all I can do right now..."

    Rohan kissed the top of Ceces head "Pretty soon it will be more and could be sooner if you and Celestia tell Aiden and I who they are..." he wanted to know, and not just for the benefit of the sisters but to weed out the rotten fruit in the guards "But... but" he could feel her ready to say something about it "I understand why you won't but if you see them when I am with you... I would like if you tell me... so they could be dealt with immediately"
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    Aiden sighed and shook his head a little bit. “One day Cel, I’m going to show you that you are safe with me. “ he whispered softly to her. “And that nothing will happen to me.” He said running his fingers through her hair. “But until then I’ll take day by day with you until I show you this is more than what you think it is.” He said as he kissed the top of her head. “Cel, you can tell me anything. I want to help in all ways that I can.”

    Cece shook her head as he started, but stopped her from saying anything until he was done. “It’s not the simple Rohan…if we expose them there will be punishment, they aren’t…alone in this this isn’t something that’s new.” She said pulling back to look at him as she shook her head a little bit. “This isn’t just that set of guards…most of the guards take advantage of women here, in fact….it’s kind of unusual that you and your brother are so kind to us. If it were any other guard we would have been…beaten or….killed….or worse…” she said as a shudder ran through her.
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    Cel closed her eyes the wanting urge to tell him everything, to let him in, she just couldn't, she couldn't bare to lose someone again. Giving him a small smile "Maybe one day but for now... day by day" she looked up at him closing her eyes once more, the darkness started to fade and she started hearing something unfamiliar.

    The shaking brought her awake, grabbing the arms of the seat as she looked around, seeing her sister sleeping she reached over and lightly shook her until she woke up "I've been having that dream again... this one is in ancient Egypt..." she sighed leaning back into her seat "It's so weird Cece... it feels so real, like everything, I can smell the desert wind, the sand, everything, even the touch and feel of the water" she looked over at her sister "I don't know, it's like... not a dream but almost like a vision if that makes sense.." Cel pulled her at her jeans as she looked out the plane window
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    Cece woke with a start as her sister shook her. Taking in a deep breath she blinked open her eyes and shifted in her seat a little to get more comfortable looking around before letting her eyes rest on her sister. "Cel..." she said softly letting her hand rest on her arm a little. "Your dreams are always so much more vivid than mine, mine always seem to come in pieces often out of order, but I do understand what you mean." she said scrunching her nose turning to look out the window. "I'm sure it's nothing though..just a dream.." she said crossing her arms over her chest.

    She didn't want to worry her sister that she had a sense of dread every time she had a dream like that. Like an awful gut wrenching pull. She didn't like it. Like it was some sort of warning. "How long do we have left on this tube?" she said feeling anxious to be on the ground. "I hate flying, I don't see why we couldn't have taken another way..." she said running a hand through her red hair.
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    Cel looked over at her sister "Because taking a ship would of been longer and honestly I didn't want to be on a ship for that long, besides flying isn't so bad" shrugging her shoulders she tilted her head back and closed her trying to push the dreams she had from her thoughts before opening her eyes and starring at her sister "But Cece they're so real, they feel so real... and it's always different eras but the ending is different... never know what kind of ending it will end up being but we always meet the same guys always the faces never change just the clothes... and accents..." she looked down at her phone for the time before she could say anything the pilot came overhead "We will be landing in Egypt in a few hours"

    Cel pointed up "There we will be landing soon so relax a bit" Cel suddenly had a burst of energy and wiggled in her seat "I can't wait to meet the brothers who own the museum" she grabbed her sisters arm and shook it in a playful violent manner "It's like getting backstage at a concert but different museums!"
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    Scrunching her nose Cece shook her head. “Flying is a hassle, at least by boat we could relax enjoy the sea air, instead we are stuck in the metal tube that has no business being in the air..” she said almost bitterly. Glancing up at the announcement was made she let out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.” She said before looking over at Cel studying her for a moment.

    “Cel…” she said slowly she wasn’t sure how to word it. “How do your dreams end?” she said before looking out the window. “I always have a sense of dread..” she said quietly. “I try really hard no to dream when I sleep..” she said honestly. “I don’t like the feeling I’m left with…the sense of longing, like something is missing, and at the same time the dread that always seems to be building in it.” She shook her head a little while pulling on her earlobe with a wince. “Hate, when my ears pop” she grumbled looking out the window as she watched the ground grow closer and closer. “I’m just ready to be on the ground just remember to be professional Cel..” she said rolling her eyes a little playfully as she shook her sister off her arm letting her fingers wrap around the arm rests tightly as the sounds of the landing gear coming out was heard.
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    Cel looked out the window seeing land coming into view, she turned her head slowly and looked at her sister with a strange look in her eyes before looking down "That's always the weird part, they never have an ending like I don't know what happens, we always get to this part of running into this one certain figure who is always in the dreams but the name always changes with each different era..." she closed her eyes shaking her head "It's weird Cece... they never have an end" shrugging she tilted her head from side to side before shooting Cece a look of being offended "How dare! I'm always professional do you know how long it took me to get these brothers to agree to this!?" She threw her hands up "Only a few months but that isn't the point, they liked that they'd have a mini book in their name, honestly think that's the only thing that sells people into letting us get behind the scenes on places..."
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    Cece gave a side eyed glance to her sister "That's the only reason?" she said with a smirk. She took in a deep breath as the wheels touched the ground with a bumpy screech, bouncing them about for a moment before the finally slowed. "Ugh..." she said as she let out the breath she was holding. "...you'd think they'd figure out how to make it smoother.." she said as she relaxed back in her seat as they taxied the runway. "I'll stick to the pills that were given to help the dreams stop they give me anxiety" she admitted as she looked around for her things to make sure she had everything put away and ready to go once they could.

    As always thank you for choosing to fly with us, we hope you enjoy your stay here

    And with that everyone stood up and Cece made a face. "Boats are better." she muttered to her sister as they shoved their way into the isle to grab their over head bags. "More room to move, not crammed in like a sardine.." she said as she grunted pulling her bag down and walked forward to exit. She stepped out of the door way into the air port with a sigh looking around to get her bearings. "What was the twin's names again?" she asked as she ran a hand through her red hair trying to get herself to feel presentable after all that sitting in the plane.