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 Female x Male (Light & Dark) The Dark Writings of the Goddess of Death

Discussion in 'Ladies Requests' started by Auditore, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Auditore

    Auditore ♪ \(=^‥^)/’` Purple Ghost Kitty\(^‥^=)/’` ♪ Librarian Verified Book Worm

    Aug 16, 2018
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    Ruling Helheim
    Hyrule, Mordor & Nordic Ruins
    any questions just pm me =^_^=

    About Me
    ~*~I'm a female and I write only female characters, I've tried writing males as a main character and honestly don't think I do the gender any justice. However your gender or what gender you prefer to write doesn't matter to me. All I care about is if you're able to play with my emotions when we write together and give me something to work off of and build.​

    ~*~ I enjoy sex scenes, however just because I do doesn't mean I want to strictly write smut. I want story over smut, smut doesn't even have to be in the story, if it is I can do fade to black, write it out (but I prefer this be done in one to two posts between us, why? Cause after so long it ends up dragging on). Also if and when the characters decide, it has to flow within the story, just not some random occurrence, like they're fighting a battle and end up fucking in the mud during said battle, make it believeable.

    ~*~ I would prefer all characters to be 21+, 18-19 is honestly pushing it for me and I will only do those ages if we are doing a start to finish story, meaning they've know one another for some time and their story is starting at that age.

    ~*~ Majority of my pairings are Female (MC)x Male (YC), there are some Female x Female pairings and I will list which are which next to the plots and pairings.

    My Rules, Limits and what I Expect
    The site rules apply, do not ask me to anything rule breaking!​


    ~*~ I like chatting with my writing partners, if you're not a extremely chatty person, tell me, I don't want to feel like I'm bother you whenever I see you around and want to chat, if you're just a story discussion person, again tell me.

    ~*~ If you're bored, done, not interested, leaving etc

    Let Me Know Please!!!

    I only ask this as a sign of respect and common courtesy.

    Don't be one of those people that falls under the "douche" and "ghost" category because you weren't respectful or had any common decency to say something.

    Honestly I'm going to be more pissed you didn't say anything than if you did.

    So again... say something


    ~*~I will only say I am done with an rp if I am struggling to come up with anything or feel that I have lost interest in the story

    ~*~ If we are in the process of discussing ideas and what not and I don’t hear from you in awhile (7 days) I’ll check in, once, and if nothing I’ll just assume it wasn’t meant to be and close the convo out.

    ~*~ No One Liners, unless you can give me the most fucking epic one liner, which I've yet to see, at the very least post 100+ words, I'll do my best to match post, since I type on my phone I cannot tell actual post length.

    ~*~ If I have to re-read a post more than 4xs cause I didn't understand what you were trying to say, and it feels like I'm trying to decode a post I will ask you to rewrite/fix the post, I'm not scared to let you know, if I happen to do the same let me know, this is how we learn and improve.

    ~*~ Don't expect me to come up with everything this is including the story base, I only ask that you help in with the planning, help with ideas, possible twists and what not, put in effort and I'll return the favor.

    This is a partnership and should be done with equal parts.

    *My posting response varies from time to time, somedays I can write them out other days it takes some time, be patient with me, I will let you know, I only expect you to do the same. I am busy with site stuff so my replies will probably take awhile, if that's an issue than do us both a favor and don't bother, just saying best to not waste either of our time.

    If however I try to contact you throughout the writing dry spell and hear nothing I will just assume you're done, be pissed you didn't say anything and archive the rp to the dark underworld.

    ~*~ I reserve the right to refuse RPs -- If I do not feel we would be a great match then I will let you know, I do not like putting effort in something only to have it burn because the partners did not mesh well together, Don't waste my time and I will not waste yours

    Lastly... I promise I'll only bite a little....

    Audi/ Hel~


    Personal preference on character pictures please no anime

    Your character that I would like for you to play will be bold while the character I will be playing as will not be bold, if no bold then either

    Vampire x Vampire/Human (MxF & FxF)
    Werewolf x Vampire (MxF)
    Pirate Captain x Rival Pirate Captain (MxF & FxF)
    Assassin x Assassin (MxF & FxF)
    Thief x Thief (MxF & FxF)
    Assassin x Thief (MxF & FxF)
    Pirate x Mermaid (MxF)
    Doctor x Assistant (MxF)
    Pirate Captain x Crew Member (MxF)
    Viking x Shield Maiden (MxF)
    Knight/King x Commoner/Princess/Queen (MxF)
    Cowboy/Gun-Slinger x Cowgirl/Rancher (old western 1800s) (MxF)

    This is just the basic concept of the movie/show/game idea, plots can change but the idea behind the movie is sort of what I'm looking for..

    •Bonnie & Clyde (MxF)
    •Mission Impossible (MxF & FxF)
    •The Mummy (MxF)
    •Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones (MxF & FxF)
    •American Psycho (MxF)
    •Sleepy Hollow (MxF & FxF)
    •Being Human (MxF & FxF)
    •Mr. & Mrs. Smith (MxF)
    •Robin Hood (MxF)
    •Scooby Doo (MxF -Velma & Shaggy)
    •The Goonies (MxF & FxF)
    •Hocus Pocus/Practical Magic (FxF)
    •Dracula (MxF)
    •Gravity Falls (MxF & FxF)
    •Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (MxF)
    •Scream/I Know What You Did Last Summer (ya know the 90s horror lol) (MxF)
    •Sons of Anarchy (MxF & FxF)

    ^*^These are just ideas of what possible plot I would like to write about^*^

    ~Elder Scrolls~

    ~Any kind of Faction~
    (MxF & FxF)
    Bosmer (MC) - Non Beast Race (YC)

    ~Twisted Disney~
    (MxF Only)
    Characters from the movies can be used but they have to be at least 21 and/or characters could be their children, again 21 and older only.
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  2. Auditore

    Auditore ♪ \(=^‥^)/’` Purple Ghost Kitty\(^‥^=)/’` ♪ Librarian Verified Book Worm

    Aug 16, 2018
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    Ruling Helheim
    Hyrule, Mordor & Nordic Ruins
    Certain Cravings:

    -Captain Hook x Pans Daughter (Captain Hook from Once is the face claim)

    -Serial Killer x Wife of Serial Killer

    -Gladitor Type Story

    -Romeo & Juliet (vampire/werewolf)

    -Fallout type RP

    We Happy Few-
    Show Spoiler

    The game's universe takes place within an alternative timeline, stemming from a version of World War II in which the United States did not join the Allies, leaving the United Kingdom to fend off the German forces alone. The Battle of Britain was eventually lost to Germany, allowing the Nazis to occupy the entire country. Most of the volunteer forces of the Home Guard became complicit in helping the Germans, with only a few attempting to resist.

    At some point during the occupation, the population of the island town of Wellington Wells did what they considered to be a "Very Bad Thing" that caused the German occupation to voluntarily leave their island, allowing the British citizens there to live free. However, the repercussions of the Very Bad Thing left the citizens with immense anguish and guilt over their actions, leading to the invention of a new hallucinogenic drug called "Joy", which suppresses all unhappy memories and leaves its user in a chemically induced euphoria that also brightens how they perceive their environment. However, its many negative side-effects include addiction, short-term memory loss, loss of appetite, nightmarish hallucinations, and being susceptible to manipulation.

    By the 1960s, Wellington Wells' isolation led to resounding advances in technology, including Tesla-styled weapons, portable power cells, and automated security systems. Its inhabitants—referred to as "Wellies"—wear white "Happy Face" masks as a sign of their continued jollity. Joy is freely dispensed in pill form and is also laced into the city's water supply. To encourage the drug's consumption, the media is tightly controlled and centers on "Uncle" Jack Worthing, a friendly MC whose voice and image widely broadcasts government propaganda over the city's televisions and radios.

    Unfortunately, some Wellies developed an immunity to Joy—partly as a result of ingesting bad batches of the drug—and subsequently became depressed or insane from remembering the Very Bad Thing; these people were then driven out of Wellington Wells and came to be known as "Wastrels". Others who voluntarily refuse their Joy are known as "Downers" and seen as a threat; if caught, Downers are either force-fed Joy, are taken to a Joy Doctor to get a potentially lethal liquid injection of Joy, or are outright killed on the spot. As a result, Wellington Wells has become a dystopian police state on the verge of collapse.

    Concept/General Idea of the game
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  3. Auditore

    Auditore ♪ \(=^‥^)/’` Purple Ghost Kitty\(^‥^=)/’` ♪ Librarian Verified Book Worm

    Aug 16, 2018
    Likes Received:
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    Ruling Helheim
    Hyrule, Mordor & Nordic Ruins
    :bouncy: Bumping it up