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 Female x Male (Dark) Step in, I won't bite... too hard.

Discussion in 'Ladies Requests' started by The Scarlett Fairy, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. The Scarlett Fairy

    The Scarlett Fairy Book Worm Book Worms

    Aug 29, 2018
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    Hi, Welcome and thank you for clicking on my Request thread.

    I guess I should start with a small introduction. I have been Role-playing for around 12 years, but only started to take my writing seriously around 3 years ago. I love writing, but unfortunately, I am not comfortable with fantasy writing yet. I have been working on it, but It's a long lesson. So if you aren't looking for or comfortable with Slice of Life, thank you and I guess this is buh bye for now </3

    So as I mentioned, I like to Roleplay Slice of Life, but that doesn't mean boring. I tend to play more submissive characters with a fiery streak, I'm not very strong at playing Dominant characters, I get lost along the way and do not know what to do.I am open to most ideas and am always willing to work with people to create amazing and hopefully long-lasting stories.

    These are things I enjoy in my role plays but they aren’t essential.
    • Long term writing partners - I love writing and I enjoy long term stories much more than short stories.
    • Romance/Close relationships - Whether the characters are romantically involved or not, I like there to be something that draws the characters together.
    • Action/Drama - Without things happening, the roleplay will get boring pretty fast.
    • Horror/Violence/Trauma - I don’t make things easy for my characters, there are always hurdles coming and going and partners who do the same make for a much more detailed and in depth story.
    • Dominant/Rough partners - I tend to play submissive characters so it’s always fun to have them against a character who can or at least attempt to assert some control over them.
    • Romance - If there is romance included, again I don’t like it to be easy. If that just get together and live happily ever after there isn’t much writing and story building to be done there.
    We all have them, these are mine.

    • No toilet/bathroom play. It just isn't enjoyable for me.
    • No vore.
    • Human only.
    • No godmodding (If people still do this) I like to control my character/s.
    • Only light BDSM themes.
    • No smut only stories, I am happy to include smut, but in the story. Maybe 70/30 story/smut.
    I am sure there are more I just cannot think right now. If you have any questions just PM me and I will be happy to answer :)

    These are just some random ideas I have, but an no limited to. If you have any of your own plots or ideas you’d like to try, send me a message and we can discuss it.

    *Note* Most of not all of these rough ideas have romance of some kind, but this is essential. It can just a be a friendship between the two main characters. Just let me know the kind of relationship that you’d prefer.

    The harder you try, the harder you fall:

    MC is in training to become one of the worlds best gymnasts. She hasn’t trained everyday since she was 4, and has won every competition so far. But to win the world championships she has to have a flawless routine, with flips she has never managed to land. YC will be her trainer, putting her through hours or gruelling training and being harsher each time she fails. But the harder he trains her, the more he wants her. With undeniable chemistry, blazing rows and an ex wife to contend with, will the two manage to keep things professional?

    Right under her nose:

    Mc was a police detective for 6 years, following in her fathers footsteps. But three of those years were spent looking for a suspect, torn he young girl that had been found murdered and stripped but with no obvious injuries. After the case went cold she couldn’t handle not solving it and left the force to start her own PI agency. She has been looking for the killer ever since. YC will be the killer, whether it was an accident or how it happened is for you to decide. YC will get a job at the agency and work closely with my character. They will become closer as time goes on, and it becomes obvious there is something she is missing. What will happen? Will she survive when the truth comes out?

    Truth and lies:

    (This is very broad and can be edited to suit most ideas)Yc is a motorbike club leader. Mc suspects he knows something about her sisters death and has been trying to get closer and closer to the leader in an attempt to find out what he knows.

    A Year for a Debt:

    M/C sister has rung up thousands of pounds of debt at Y/C casino. Since she cannot pay it off, is legally underage and has nothing of any value our characters come to an arrangement. My character will work as a bar maid/dancer for the casino to find out who is stealing money, for either a year or until she finds out the guilty party. The two very clearly want one another but Y/C has a strict rule: No sleeping with employees. How long until they both lose their cool. (This will be a lot of flirting, teasing, and delayed gratification)

    A long way from Home:

    M/C was taken from her student halls in the middle of the night. With no family and only a few friends she was the perfect steal. And now she is being sold to the highest bidder. Y/C can't help but buy her, but once he has her, there is no way she can go home, no matter what.

    The war of witts:
    Both characters will be college age 18/19. Our characters have grown up always trying to do one better than eachother. As children it was who could make the best cookies. As teens it was who got the best grades. And now in college it’s who can embarrass the other the most. But is there something more to their competitiveness or will they go too far to come back?

    Teach me, Tease me:
    This is the only fantasy RP I have and is a play on the cliche teacher/student. It will be set in a magic school. MC is kind of a young protege, her father had been a high ranking warlock and her mother a powerful witch. They had known about their impending death and had hidden their daughter in with humans. And bound her powers until she was 18 to protect her, but once her 18th birthday came and went she kept being attacked by warlocks and others beings. Eventually she was brought to the school of witchcraft and magical arts. A recluse, always keeping to herself YC, one of her professors begins working with her to hone in on her natural powers and l arm those that aren’t natural to her. But bringing with her constant attacks on the school, uncontrollable power and a secret attraction to her professor, what will happen?
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  2. The Scarlett Fairy

    The Scarlett Fairy Book Worm Book Worms

    Aug 29, 2018
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    Plot ideas added <3