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 Female x Male (Dark)  Female x Male (Light & Dark) *** Cherry's Idea and Interests ***

Discussion in 'Ladies Requests' started by Cherry Blossom Bom, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Cherry Blossom Bom

    Cherry Blossom Bom Book Worm Book Worms

    Mar 24, 2019
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    Hello all. Searching for a few or a lot of dedicated role players that can do the following:
    • Can post at least a few times a day or every other day.
    • Can play as multiple characters for interaction or as secondary characters.
    • Can help improvise on a story.
    No's For Role Play:
    • If you happen to lose interest or feel like life is too tough right now. I totally understand. --- But please don't hesitate on letting me know. I understand life comes first then role play.
    • No scat role plays. --- Just that's gross and what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom.
    • No killing or Godmodding a character ---- Only killing a zombie or enemy character is fine. ---Unless the role play is a horror role play.
    • No under aged characters. Must be age 18.
    • If things don't work out in a role play. Please don't be crude. Sometimes people don't mesh. It's best to be honest in a mature manner.
    Pairings I enjoy role playing:
    • Bro x Sis
    • Father x Daughter
    • Mom x Son
    • Teacher x Student
    • Boss x Coworker
    • Native American Chieftain's Daughter x English Soldier
    • Nerd x Cheerleader
    • Trucker x Hitchhiker
    • Interracial Step Siblings
    • Prison Guard x Prisoner
    • Cop x Driver and Passenger
    • Coach x Athlete
    Ideas: (HUGE WIP)
    • *** Fallen Leaves Affair *** ----***Mature Rating*** A Teacher/Student Affair ---- Samantha Manilla, a 29 year old hispanic female that is a teacher at the Boston University. Teaching a required elective class that is Philosophy and Perspective. However she's going through an ongoing divorce. Your character is a regular student entering the college. Feeling within time there is this attraction from the student to the teacher. He seemed to raise his hand at the questions, volunteer for any help needed, and seemingly joining her student council group. However, at first she more just think he is just an interesting student that is dedicated to class and helping out. Soon after just him taking every opportunity to talk with her. They start to see each other on the weekend as just study friends. Time continues on and he sees her a bit more almost as if stalking. Eventually she feels wooed over from his constant showing affection and a secret relationship is formed.
    • *** It's The End Of The World As We Know It *** --- Apocalypse RP ---- *** Mature Rating *** Bro/Sis Pairing ---- As the rain continues to drop down upon the barren farm land with a cloudy continuous sky. It marks exactly three years and three days since the hectic disaster struck. An unknown virus had spread worse than the plague and seemingly it started as a mild case, but quickly it had made people become sick and yet deteriorating. Ultimately altering the individual or animal to become an overly hungry and cannibal like individual. However, two as they knew it were the last remaining individuals alive. Maggs Thompson, age 18 and her brother (YC), age 25. Still alive since the incident and working together to live out everyday. Not leaving the trailer they had lived in when the rest of the world ran and scurried about. Working together and scouting each day for food, water, etc to survive. Depressing as things would be. They had one another and maybe one day they'd find another survivor. However doubtful.
    • *** Never Too Old For Love*** --- ***Mature Rating*** Older Man/Younger Woman Pairing --- In the city of Seattle. As it was during the mid month of September. ---- The older professor (YC), age 55, had taught at the Seattle University in being an English major. Had been divorced for a few years now and had obviously moved on from trying to find a new love as he was pretty heart broken after being married for thirty years to what he considered at the time as his soulmate. However, he had ended up joining some dating website due to his faculty members kind of making him feel like his life was meaningless since he never ended up having kids, and was divorced. Living on his own in a condo. ----- Marla Jane, age 18. Was attending the Ragnor Falls High School outside of Seattle. She as was a senior in high school and within the mid popular girls. However, she had become heart broken a week ago upon finding out her boyfriend at the time was sleeping with her so called best friend. Ever since that all happened. She fell out of the cliq she was in and basically keeping herself more lonewolf and just trying to get through the day without getting bombarded with rumors and such. She would end up joining a dating site as well. Making a profile and such. Just throwing herself out there. ---- Oddly enough YC would read her add on there and write back just to show emotional support. She'd seemingly respond back with giving her support to. After time would continue to go on. Slowly things began to progress more forward and a friendship of pen pals began.
    • *** The Perfect Family **** ---- ***Mature Rating*** --- Fantasy Pairings --- This is a general idea role play. Have you ever wanted to have a role play where you could pick your own family and how the characters look? Well now I'm giving you this fantasy option. You ask how? It's quite simple. Is there a celebrity face claim, famous singer face claim, video game girl face claim or anime/cartoon character face claim that you'd want them to look like? Well all you do is pick out the Face Claim you want for the mom. Pick the face claim for the sisters that you want. I can typically play up to 3-4 sisters. ---- Simply pick and then from there I'd create character sheets for them and we'd go from there. --- You'd play as a dad as well as brother or brothers depending how many characters you want to play. Characters must all be at least 18 years old. No under age characters. Oh and if you do choose an anime character. Please have it be a famous one. Not some random big boobed anime girl. Just it doesn't work for me sorry.
    • *** One Week In Paradise *** ---- *** Mature Rating *** --- Bride to be & Bridesmaid / Random Males Pairing --- As it was finally the week where the bride Ana Paula Silva, age 22 and her bridesmaids were going on a bachelorette trip to Cancun. Being engaged for a year to a very handsome hispanic man. The group looking to have one last fun trip together that they'd always remember and frame together to look back upon. Staying at a nice hotel on the beach known as "Silver Sun Hotel". The pack together would be making sure to enjoy the beach paradise, making sure to do some shopping of course, and just having a wild time. ---- However, YC or characters preferred. Are either a bachelor man or bachelor men....married or not but regardless they'd be in their mid 40's. Being businessmen just having their own random guy getaway from life. Happen to strike conversation with the women. ----- The role play has endless possibilities to it. You can strike a conversation to any of the girls. Whichever you are attracted to.
    • *** Chains *** --- *** Mature Rating *** --- Cell mate pairings --- It was just another cold day in the Alcatraz Island jail. Putting away some of the worst hardened criminals to society. --- YC, age 37, awakens with being in a cold cell with another inmate running his mouth as usual. You turn to look at the cold bars outside and then down to your hands wondering what you did to get in here. Seemingly it was as if you were in a coma or controlled and awakening up in the worst place possible. ---- MC, age 25, named Maya from what she knew as it was tattooed on her wrist. Being with another female cellmate that was oddly attempting to write in her journal with a fork. Of course there was a time in the day where the inmates were allowed to go out to what was considered recess where they could work out, shoot hoops, throw the pigskin around, or just chill. However it was heavily armed with guards around the perimeter watching the interaction. At one time one of the male prisoners was stupid enough to put a move Maya as she'd grab his wrist and break it and then maneuvering him to flip over her and landing her on his back against the concrete. This had started a brutal fight where your strong character with brute force knocked out a few guys as well till the guards naturally broke things up. MC would notice you seemingly had the same lost look as her before heading to her cell. ----- This role play would comprise of our characters entrusting one another. A feeling of not knowing what their real identities are. Maybe they were wronged to be put in there or were they really guilty of whatever they were accused of?
    • *** Senator and Jedi Master Hidden Relationship*** *** Mature Rating *** *** Fandom Fantasy RP *** ---- This is a Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Fantasy made up idea role play. Have you ever had that what if kind of thought? Well I have and I know you'd be like....well then there would no Episode III with this idea. --- My idea is what if Master Jedi Obi-Wan was the one to go and protect Senator Padme Amidala on Naboo instead of his padawan learner Anakin at this time? Basically the council stating how they wanted Anakin to continue to grow and this would be for his form and trust at that. I thought this would be an interesting concept. Maybe upon their general ideas from her believing in democracy and forming peace wasn't as easy and that would simply be argued by Obi-wan as not possible per the battle and the different ideas. ------ My intent is on Obi-wan and Padme to have a secret relationship form. To do this role play. You must have clear knowledge of the movies as well as improvising as the characters. You must be able to play as multiple characters to keep the story flowing. I assure you this is a pretty fun and engaging role play idea that can go in different ways depending on the interaction and situations.
    • *** Sister Thy Sister *** *** Mature Rating *** **** Sister x Sister Pairing *** --- In a small town in Rhode Island. During the time of early summer upon high school graduation of East Huron High School. Terra Lawson, age 18, felt this was a great time as she just finished high school, was heading off to college at Florida State University to study botany, and especially continue her growing life with her boyfriend whom she had been with the last two years. However, upon one night of trying to surprise him as he stated he was working late at night. She would notice his car being at his house and then knowing he left a key under a rock. Upon finally going inside she had unexpectedly caught her boyfriend and some other random blonde having sex. Being outraged as she dropped him out of her life for good. Ignoring her friends and sheltering herself inside her room for what felt a good few weeks till finally her sister, (YC) whom was age 18 and older by a month or two had recently won two tickets from a radio contest to go to a remote island to spend a nice time with their significant other. However, feeling bad for her sister. Instead of taking her own boyfriend, she decided to take her sister instead. ----- The remote island itself was gorgeous and having natives there that would be security on the island as well as servants to take care of them and give them activities to do on the island. Hoping that this one week at the island would cheer her sister up and plus celebrating together before heading off to separate colleges together. Though the closeness between them turned from what just was support to a fond attraction and more.
    • *** Time For Redemption *** *** Mature Rating *** *** Grandfather/Grand Daughter*** --- As it was during the time of late summer in Montana. The individual Ashley Torrence, age 18, a senior in high school was a troubled youth and rebellious teen. Finally her parents had been tired of her behavior and upon the cops bringing her back to the parents home. After she had attended some party and drinking under age at some college gathering. The parents agreed to need a vacation and end up either putting Ashley in boot camp or the latter of staying with her grandparents up at the Lake home during the rest of the summer. Ashley had of course chose to stay with her grand parents as the two choices didn't seem thrilling. --- Upon the arrival of Ashley arriving and getting dropped off. The grandma of course wasn't too thrilled as she never really liked her grand daughter with saying she was demonic and a toxic individual. The grandfather seemed to be more understanding on things and would attempt to work with her as it wouldn't be easy. But the grand parents already went through raising three kids and now would taking the grand daughter under their wing might be a challenge. However, the grandfather had lots of ideas to have them enjoy a long summer from learning how to fish, camping in the woods, canoeing in the early morning, hiking, and even going hunting. Would she be accepted of this or would she rebel and not be molded for the better?
    • *** Life Is But A Dream.....*** *** Mature *** *** HS Senior Teen x Random Crush *** - Have you ever felt so lost in life? - - One where you wish you could escape? - - A reading I've done was for my psychology class in high school from Mr. Peters teaching us about how our dreams come to be. Such as a gateway into a different life where you are bound to take more risks and be more wreckless. ---- That's exactly how I feel. My name is Josh Peters (YC), age 18. --- I was told if I view a picture in mind before falling asleep that just that. I could be part involved in that picture. Same setting....people. Regardless of time period. Maybe even in a TV show....the mind and thoughts were endless. However, there was this one crush....regardless of what I was thinking would appear in my dreams during whatever my mind was envisioning before I slept. ---- However, in the real world. I'm non-existent....but here in this dream world. I can become anything I've always dreamed of.
    • *** A Player's Life....*** *** Mature Rating*** *** Interracial Pairings *** - Basketball has really been my dream all my life. Growing up in New York City and playing there at Rucker Park. Some of the best players play there. I play on my high school basketball team as a senior at West Layton High School. ---- Home of the Razor Wolves ---- My name is Terrence Fields. (YC) ---- My life isn't all what it's cracked out to be. Yeah I get praised for winning games and being a star player. But that's not all about what goes into ones life. My parents both are hard on me with saying I'm wasting my life and could be getting into the medical field and become a surgeon or doctor. My coach keeps trying to recruit for me where to go and even tries to be my agent. As for a love life...I don't have one at the moment. My ex girlfriend Kesha broke up with me is dating one of my high school rivals off another basketball team. ---- That's just a small preview of my life....ready to step in these sneakers?
    • *** Island of Lost Hope *** *** Mature Rating *** *** Old Man/Younger Woman *** --- On the island of Huronabey. A distant Native American/Indian Island. Making life work everyday like the typical world did. Everything running smoothly with having goods shipped in and shipped out. Having hutts for the villagers. A nice tradestown. Beautiful clean water. It was all seemingly perfect at one time. That was until some spread of a disease had vastly moved about the town and had hit a large portion. The individuals being very ill and needing proper care.....but most of all...there needed to be a cure or for surely this island would truly perish. ---- Back in the U.S. a professor named David Arton --- Age 53, seemingly had a good back ground in the study of the diseases as well a minor in Botany. He was a professor at the Boston University. Very highly intelligent and had a family of his own with a beautiful wife and two kids. However, upon being contacted from a woman named Maya Arteka. The man surely read the email and reading the situation. ---- Agreeing to visit to study there for a week to find out what may have caused this and maybe being able to help with a cure. However, he needed to ensure he didn't get the virus either. ---- Upon reaching the island by a native group that brought him over by a raft. Arriving to meet the beautiful Maya Arteka whom would be helping him out. She was bilingual and whom was the best to explaining the situation and would be able to give him a grand tour. However, upon things seeming business like. Within the days it turned out to be a sudden feel of more. A romance blossoming between the two during the work studies. It was almost like being lost in true beauty.
    Face Claim/Celebrities/Video Game Girl Characters/Famous Singers I don't mind looking as:
    • Sofia Vergara
    • Jessica Alba
    • Jenn Sterger
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • Sarah Palin
    • Bristol Palin
    • Anna Kendrick
    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Chloe Moretz
    • Victoria Justice
    • Debby Ryan
    • Dove Cameron
    • Selena Gomez
    • Sandra Bullock
    • Bella Thorne
    • Elvira
    • Jessica Nigri
    • Alexandra Daddario
    • Kate Upton
    • Lindsay Lohan
    • Meghan Markle
    • J-Woww
    • Kim Kardashian
    • Kourtney Kardashian
    • Khloe Kardashian
    • Jordyn Woods
    • Kendall Jenner
    • Kylie Jenner
    • Kris Jenner
    Video Game Girls (Face Claim or Cannon)
    • Final Fantasy 7
    • Tifa Lockheart
    • Aeris Gainsborough
    • Yuffie Kisaragi
    • Final Fantasy 8
    • Rinoa Heartilly
    • Selphie Tilmitt
    • Tomb Raider
    • Lara Croft (Younger or Older Game)
    • Life Is Strange
    • Max Caulfield (Age 18)
    • Chloe Price (Age 18)
    • Rachel Amber (Age 18)
    • The Last of Us
    • Ellie Williams (Age 18)
    • Until Dawn
    • Jessica Riley
    • Emily Davis
    • Sam Giddings
    • Resident Evil
    • Rebecca Chambers
    • Jill Valentine
    • Claire Redfield
    • Ada Wong
    • Annette Birkin
    • Sherrie Birkin (Age 18)
    • Ashley Graham
    • Sheva Alomar
    • Excella Gionne
    • Silent Hill
    • Lisa Garland
    • Cybill Bennett
    • Heather Mason
    Cartoon (Face Claim or Cannon)
    • April O'Neil (preferred 90's version)
    • Kim Possible (age 18)
    • Zelda ( early 90's version)
    • Lois Griffin
    • Meg Griffin
    • Erin Esurance (Esurance Commercial)
    • Janine Melnitz (Real Ghostbusters)
    • Gi (Captain Planet)
    • Francine Smith (American Dad)
    • Leela ( Futurama)
    • Lana Kane (Archer)
    • Daphne (Scooby Doo)
    Famous Singers: (Face Claim)
    • Michelle Branch
    • Avril Lavigne
    • Vanessa Carlton
    • Haylee Williams
    • Shania Twain
    • Dolly Parton
    • Whitney Houston
    • Nicki Minaj
    • Ariana Grande
    • Gwen Stefani
    Other: (Face Claim or Cannon)
    • Flo from Progressive Insurance Commercial
    • Lily from AT&T Commercial
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